Online Eye Examinations

A Chicago based tech startup plans to start up an online eye examination which will allow customers to get an accurate eye examination without leaving their homes and at a fraction of the cost of a regular doctor appointment. The group started off with only four employees and has now grown to 11 people and two offices. While their are still some scientific hurdles to overcome with the online eye examination the creators are hopeful that the site will launch sometime this summer. 



Here are the Co-founders of the online examination site Aaron Dallek, left, and Dr. Steven Lee.


The online tests are connected to a real optometrist who are paid for their work. They will be able to write perceptions which customers can then print or email to a retail eye store. The appointments will cost around $30 – $40 while a standard visit to an eye doctor typically costs $54-$154. Because there is such a price difference there is potential that  this site will disrupt the current market. Dallek one of the co-founders stated, “Although we say we’re online eye exams, our goal is to be a digital eye exam available to everyone in the industry”. 


Above is an example of what an online test for color blindness would look like.

It seems that with the advancement of technology there will be a time where no one ever needs to leave their homes. While I think this is a nice idea, especially for elderly people who struggle to make it to their doctor appointments, I am still skeptical of how accurate the tests will be. I wonder how the tests will account for human error for example some one carelessly hitting a button. To me it is slightly frightening to let my health be determined by a computer test. 


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One thought on “Online Eye Examinations

  1. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this. While it is clever idea, does it really disrupt someones life so much that they can’t make a trip to the eye doctor. I feel like i would feel much more secure and confident about my eye health after a full (for example the dilating test) one on one examination.


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