Old Navy is Switching It Up

Majority have seen the typical Old Navy commercials that always had a common theme. They were always recognizable but were getting a little old and redundant. Old Navy was paired with Crispin and Porter + Bogusky and last summer have split from them. Since then they have come up with a couple great commercials. One of the commercials features Melissa McCarthy for Black Friday as she participates in a game-show parody called Overnight Millionaire. She is very disappointed when she wins and her prize and it isn’t $1 million but the commercial explains how one lucky shopper on Black Friday was going to win $1 million.  Old Navy also offered costumers 50% off the whole store on Thursday and Friday of Black Friday week. This commercial was by Chandelier in New York and the director was Roman Coppola.


The same agency (Chandelier in New York) teamed up to make another commercial for the spring of 2014. The commercial stars Debra Wilson who plays a TSA worker and obsesses over a passenger well priced Old Navy jeans.  The commercial is comical and is an attention grabber. Wilson was a former MADtv cast member and uses her witty self to her advantage. During the commercial Wilson ask a women to step to the side and get scanned and while she is doing that she is overwhelmed by the passengers jeans. The passenger continues to tell the TSA worker about where she got them and the deals going on at Old Navy. After that all the passengers and workers surrounding her frantically run out of the airport to go to Old Navy and get the great deals they are offering. The jeans are only $19 and kids jeans are $12. In addition to this deal, customers get an additional $5 off for trying on the jeans.


These two commercials definitely give Old Navy a new look compared to their old ways and I personally think this is moving Old Navy in the right direction. They spiced things up a bit and made the commercials entertaining and gave out information at the end of each commercial that benefited the audience and possible customers. Along with the TSA commercial they are running a Spanish-language version, which will star actress Dascha Polanco. This is Daya from Orange Is the New Black.


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One thought on “Old Navy is Switching It Up

  1. I actually just noticed as I was watching TV yesterday that Old Navy commercials had shifted form their brightly-colored, animated-looking ads to a wittier, more modern format. I particularly thought the newest commercial featuring Amy Poehler was good for the brand’s change in advertising.


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