“My Beautiful Woman” is Bound to Bring Tears

We’ve all heard the saying “beauty is only skin deep,” but how many times does the media actually portray this idea? Dove has been known for their Campaign For Real Beauty, but comes across as not being sincere since they are owned by Unilever, the same corporation that owns Axe (aka the most sexist advertisements you will ever see). Finally, a genuine company has come out with a genuine message. The Thai affiliate of lingerie company Wacoal released a series of three short advertisement films titled “My Beautiful Woman.” I promise you that this seven-minute video is well worth the watch

I can honestly say this advertisement is likely to bring tears to saps like myself. Each short film tells the story of a “beautiful woman.” In one particular video, a husband tells the story of his wife. The couple had been trying to get pregnant for many years, and when the woman is six months pregnant, she finds out that she has cancer. She must choose to undergo chemotherapy and risk giving birth to a child with a disability, or she can forego the treatment to ensure the health of her baby. Each video ends saying, “Wacoal believes all women were created to be beautiful.”
According to the company, all three of the narratives are based off of true stories of real women who, faced with life changing decisions, chose to put others before themselves (Diorio, 2014)

As if this campaign wasn’t perfect enough as is, the video also prompts viewers by asking “Who is your beautiful woman?” and encourages them to post a photo and hashtag #MyBeautifulWoman. I found this to be a brilliant addition to the Wacoal’s campaign, for advertising across the board has become increasingly interactive and the incorporation of social media is almost vital for success.

What I found most commendable about this campaign was that it was put forth by a lingerie company. Had I not done my research before watching all three of the videos, I would have had absolutely no idea what Wacoal sold. And although some might criticize the videos for not having enough brand presence, I disagree. In a world where beauty is defined by physical attributes that will undoubtedly fade over time, it is refreshing to see a company celebrating compassion, strength, and sacrifice (Diorio, 2014).

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Diorio, G. (2014, February 12). “My Beautiful Woman” films powerfully celebrates the
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