McDonald’s Teams Up with Snapchat

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It’s true! McDonald’s has quietly joined Snapchat last week as a means of connecting with the millennial generation. McDonald’s planned to start using the account with a bang and released its snap on Tuesday! The much anticipated snap featured Miami Heat star, LeBron James. Who wouldn’t want to get a snap from a notable NBA player?! LeBron James may not be ideal, but it’s still pretty cool, you can’t lie.


Director of social media for McDonald’s, Rick Wion comments, “We are excited to use Snapchat as a way to share the fun side of our brand with this highly engaged audience of millennials.”

In order to get the ball rolling and McDonald’s snap account noticed, McDonald’s teased its Snapchat account to followers on their Twitter page on Friday. McDonald’s must be doing something right because it has already attracted “several thousand” followers. The McDonald’s account has been teasing its audience with several snaps introducing the “inaugural snap” that will announce McDonald’s new sandwich, Bacon Clubhouse.

McDonald’s is not the first company to have come up with this brilliant idea. Many notable brands have joined Snapchat in recent months in an effort to announce new products and reach out to the fast-paced millennial generation. Famous companies including Juicy Couture, Taco Bell and even HBO’s show Girls has joined forces with Snapchat. These collaborations might just be experiments to test out the “fast-growing social network” platform, but McDonald’s plans on staying for the long haul. It has made a commitment to stick with this social network platform and see what happens.

“With any platform, we always want to dip our toe in the water first and see how it works. In this initial mode, we’ve gotten several thousand followers in a couple days. We think it’s a good sign that this has a long term viability,” says Rick Wion.

There is no doubt that Snapchat has escalated into a social favorite in the millennial generation. Most individuals with a smartphone own a Snapchat account and find it to be one of their favorite apps on their phones. Snapchat is number 11 on “Top Charts Free Apps” on iTunes and has remained a top app among users.

Kudos to McDonald’s social media and PR team for joining other top brands and experimenting with different platforms of social media. McDonald’s wanted a fun and enticing way to announce its newest menu item a Bacon Clubhouse sandwich. This experiment was successful and captured the attention of thousands of individuals!

I wonder which brand will be next to join the Snapchat family!


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One thought on “McDonald’s Teams Up with Snapchat

  1. I don’t know how I feel about this. I get that Mcdonald’s is trying to target millenials and using apps are a great way to do that, but I feel like Snapchat just is not a strategic fit for the company. Also, I feel like Lebron James was a completely random choice and doesn’t relate to either of the two brands.


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