McDonalds Comeback?

McDonalds Comeback?

In an attempt to possibly begin the steps of re-branding and creating a new image for the corporation, McDonald’s announced that they will continue to test out the build-your-own burger restaurant experience that they are experimenting with at a Southern California McDonalds. Along with the ability to order off of the normal McDonalds menu that we are accustomed to, this Laguna Nigel McDonalds allows customers to order their very own completely customized burger on one of the restaurants many tablets.

In what is described as a “swankier” McDonalds, customers are not faced with the simple “have it your way” attitude of Burger King and other fast food restaurants. Customers truly hold all of the power and have the ability to actually have it their way. Across the country fancier, “high-class” and “hip” burger joints are popping up all over the place. This is not by accident. It is a fact that Americans love a good hamburger and are tired of having the same “meatish” type patty with ketchup and a pickle that they get at fast food places.
With this new idea, McDonalds is trying to add the customization abilities and the quality of a SmashBurger while also keeping the vast array of things they also serve. In a sense they are trying to establish the best of both worlds, cheap and quality, all under one roof.

I think that if McDonalds likes the data that they are collecting in this experimental resteraunt and decides to go forward with this idea it will be extremely lucrative for their corporation. Let’s face it, in 2014 McDonalds doesn’t have nearly the same reputation that they had ten or fifteen years ago. In fact, McDonalds often is spoken of in a negative manner. However, this new build-your-own burger idea could be exactly what they need to re-establish their good name.

In 2014 it is a fact that the majority of people want the specific things that they want when they want them. Starbucks people want their specific drink with their specific double shot of espresso. Chipotle goers want their burrito with their pinto beans and sour cream, not with someone else’s black beans and guacamole. The point is that people want the option to choose what they do, eat, drink or say. No one wants to be forced to eat pickles or take the pickles of their own sandwich that they just paid good money for. Customization is key, and that is exactly what McDonalds is looking to provide.

2 thoughts on “McDonalds Comeback?

  1. This is great! Like you said, everyone wants things customized their way now and it only seems right that the most popular fast food restaurants lets customers customize their burgers.


  2. Customization is such a popular new trend in essentially all products today so I think this will really help McDonalds. I think it’s a clever and fresh idea and I’m interested to see how they choose to advertise this new feature.


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