Is the Android BroApp Making Your Love Life Easier?

A relationship in the 21st digital century is not easy. Not only do you have to remember to show up to the eight o’clock dinner and a movie date friday night, but you have to remember the good morning text and the call good night. A random tweet or FB status is of course always a plus. A relationship has hence become much more time consuming than it traditionally was and consequently you either remove yourself from the world or you deal with an angry girlfriend wondering what happened to that morning text yesterday. No, the digital relationship is indeed often very challenging…

Android is now introducing an app called the BroApp. The app is supposed to allow you to spend more time with your bro’s (I would like to add sleep, school work, and food to that list) and less time texting your girlfriend. Simply customize or chose a couple of prewritten texts, when you want them sent, and the BroApp takes care of the rest. And to make sure that you do not get caught, the app will automatically shut off once your Android detects your girlfriends WiFi… otherwise she may get a text when you are with her…and then it could get awkward…

The BroApp raises the question of whether it makes a relationship easier or if it removes the love and care in the relationship. On the one hand, it allows you to cram for midterms, sleep in till 1pm, hang out with your bro’s, and still send a lovely text to your girlfriend. On the other hand, if an app sends a text to your girlfriend a cute text, and you don’t even remember it being sent out, are you really being honest sending out a text that says “thinking of you”? Are you breaking some of the trust in the relationship just to avoid 5 angry minutes from your girlfriend? 

What do you think? Would you use it on your girlfriend? And if so, how do you think that she would react?

One thought on “Is the Android BroApp Making Your Love Life Easier?

  1. It’s sad to see that it has come to this. People don’t even write letters to each other anymore and now we live in a world where boyfriends are too lazy to text 3 words to their girlfriends. I honestly don’t think this app is going to be that successful, but then again I’m being optimistic.


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