Horror movies campaign through youtube

Horror movies is one of my least favourite genre and the least choice to watch whenever i visit the the theatres. But however, you realised that many horror movie productions and their marketing team have always come up with some sought of creative campaign to encourage the public to watch their horror shows. They mainly advertised through Youtube because it’s the easiest way to access their exposure to the public, and also it’s a free platform to advertise their campaign. And no doubt, their videos usually gone viral within a week, some even a day. These company gained large numbers of responds and feedback on behalf of their campaign. Basically, this is how they run their campaign. Most of the creative advertising and marketing team have thought of the idea of is it better to be loved or to be feared? Well, there are lots of marketing talk centres on the notion of brand love, but perhaps as many of our buying decisions are essentially motivated by feared. Just like how i was motivated to watch the Walking Dead show when i was scared by bunch of zombies in Malaysia. The advertising and marketing team was running their Walking Dead campaign where they hired 12 zombie actors/actresses to scare the crowd around the city. I was one of the victim who got scared by the horrifying zombies. I did browsed through the Walking Dead website, and i started to watch the show after the fact that i got scared by the Walking Dead’s team Zombies.

By sharing my personal experiences on these horror movies’ campaigns, i personally think the strategy of interacting with the public/crowds by scaring them is an excellent idea of getting more awareness. One the most memorable campaign that stuck on my mind was the video of Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise (Carrie) campaign that was uploaded on Youtube. 


It’s a remake version of the Carrie movie. I assume nobody wants to see another boring remake trailer of this movie as we already know how the plot goes. So the production team came up with the idea of making a prank video that’s related to their movie’s character, Carrie, whom discovered she has telekinetic power. This video has gained over 54 millions views on Youtube and it has gone viral within a week after the video was uploaded on Youtube. The video is so good, that i repeatedly replayed for many times. It definitely catches my attention, and as well as the viewers attentions. So, do you think this is a good ad campaign or a bad piece? I personally think it’s good, because i love this clip so much. Because it’s advertised through Youtube, the production team didn’t used as much money as advertised them through the main media masses like the TV. In a way, they saved a lot of costs on advertising.


This ad campaign also catches my eyes. It has similar marketing and ad strategy as the other horror movies campaign. The production team designed and built a freakish liked infant, and cruising the town in a remote controlled stroller. This clip is rathe disgusting, as the infant looked freaky and the baby puked some white fluid during the prank. But however, i thought it’s pretty hilarious. The fact that how the infant scared the public. It’s always fun to see how they react to such circumstances.


This was one of my recent horror movie/show prank i encountered. I like it because it relates to my personal experience when i was in Malaysia. The production run this campaign worldwide, and it has gotten pretty good feedback from the public. As i said, i was terrified by the zombies, but, in a way, they encouraged me to watch the show even more than i do. To them, it doesn’t matter how many viewers the clip it has, the point of making these videos is to make people to watch these movies.

Prank videos are totally hot right now. It’s so popular and it goes viral so fast. It’s definitely a unique and new way to advertise their movies or shows. So what do you think of this advertising strategy?

Out of all these viral video clips, which is one of your favourite one? Or do you have any other better ones,i would love more of these pranks.


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4 thoughts on “Horror movies campaign through youtube

  1. I personally love horror movies myself and I find things like this super cool. The whole point of horror is to instill fear in people and how better to do it than actually interact with the audience you are trying to scare. I think this is a great marketing strategy and gets people’s attention whether they want it or not. Its not like a movie trailer that they can just not pay attention to. I would personally find it very scary but cool to experience on of these horror pranks.


  2. Woah, a lot of these are intense. I really like the Carrie video, seeing people reaction to that was great! I definitely agree with the comment above, this is a really interesting marketing strategy. If I were one of these people who actually experienced this kind of advertising, I know for a fact that my attention would be grabbed and I would want to pursue further information.


  3. Hahahahhahaahahahahahhaahhaahahahahaaahhahahahaahahahahahaahahahahahahahahhahhaahahaha I can’t stop laughing. Bravo! What an amazing way to get the Walking Dead out to the public. When any of these campaigns occur to you, I am sure you are bound to go home and figure out what the heck that was. This stirs up curiosity and leads to essentially a potential viewer!


  4. It’s an interesting way to go about promotion. I’m not sure how effective it is since people are usually either already watching these things or searching for them in the first place. Do they tell the people after they are scared what it’s for or leave them guessing? If left guessing, they probably think it’s just for a prank show and don’t look further into it. At least that’s how I’d react I think.


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