Google Has a Need for Speed


Google has been keeping very busy this New Year. Their latest project, Google Fiber, aims to bring ultra-fast Internet and TV broadband services to 34 cities by the end of this year. Being up to 1,000 mbps, Google Fiber is faster than any other broadband service. So far, Google Fiber is available in Kansas City, Austin, and Provo.

In a day where consumers demand faster and more efficient services, Google Fiber could definitely be the next big thing. Most city officials claim that that “abundant high-speed Internet access is essential for sparking innovation, driving economic growth and improving education” (Blogspot).

Though Google Fiber could be an excellent service, there are also some hardships of planning for construction of the network. For example, some issues include figuring whether or not topography and local infrastructure is compatible with the construction of fiber networks. Setting up networks in areas that are not compatible could cause some serious glitches in the system and possibly cause some serious to property damage.

Google encourages people to come up with ideas for how Google could set up networks in communities efficiently and producing new concepts of how to set up networks safely Also, they encourage prospective cities to be committed to informing Google about the complete set up and layout of the communities (Blogspot).

In my opinion, I am very impressed with this service and the route that Google has decided to take with this project. Rather than rushing into setting up their incredible service, I love how they are really exploring their options and making sure that the set up of networks does not affect the environment. More companies need to follow this example (*cough,cough, oil companies).  Google Fiber could lead to better opportunities for growth for our recovering economy. Also, Google Fiber could bring us closer to the information and people we need to help us learn more and advance within society.

Maybe Google Fiber will be available in Chicago someday. What do you think?





Blogspot (February 28, 2014) Google Fiber Blog.

One thought on “Google Has a Need for Speed

  1. I absolutely love this project. It is a beautiful thing, for a company to understand how they impact the world around them. This is similar to my most recent Chipotle blog posting, and I really can identify with the understanding and appreciation for being a conscious consumer. Google has created so many wonderful projects, including this one, and I cannot wait to see how this goes into effect. Thanks for posting!


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