Chipotle: Cultivating a Supreme Campaign

Chipotle is blowing other brands in the food industry out of the water. With the rising awareness in environmentally conscious and organic food acquisition, a campaign like this truly sets this company apart from the vast sea of profit hungry organizations. Mirroring groundbreaking documentaries such as “Food, Inc” and “Supersize Me,” Chipotle has created their own short film highlighting the horrifying images of animal farms in terrible conditions and a stark concrete jungle where no one seems to see how unjust this is. It really makes the viewer wonder, how did we get to this point? Take a look here:

Especially living in Chicago, one of the largest cities in the Country, it is easy to identify with the imagery of gray buildings, pollution, and the concept of individuals not caring where their food comes from. It is enlightening, yet heart wrenching to see an animated version of the atrocities that occur every day in these livestock farms where animal abuse is a common occurrence. It is disheartening, really, yet when you see forward thinking companies such as Chipotle making strides to eliminate this type of behavior, it really resonates with consumers.

As you can tell, similar to many other brands, Chipotle is trying to sell a lifestyle- not only a product. They are designing their campaigns to reach the consumers heart, not only their stomachs. People who have a close connection with this brand appreciate their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint by only purchasing locally grown foods as much as possible. They also appreciate their commitment to only purchase livestock and crops which have been grown organically with no steroid injections to hail larger yields.

With this companies vow to purchase locally grown agriculture, they are supporting small farmers and growers in mass amounts throughout the country. Some of which, would not be able to stay in business without Chipotle’s commitment. It is more expensive for these farmers to organically grow these crops and livestock, as it requires more space and more expensive feed for the animals, and does not produce as much product as those who are injected with artificial growth hormones and steroids. Chipotle stands by their belief that it is less about the amount produced, and more about the process of producing and the ethics behind it.

This “Cultivate” campaign goes further than just a viral YouTube video, however. They create this image of stewardship of the land and cultivation in every event they create. They have the “Cultivate” fest, as well- which visits several major cities throughout the country. This festival is an opportunity for citizens, farmers, chefs, thought leaders and musicians together to share food, drinks, and conversation while celebrating the efforts of this company to create a better product and lifestyle for all of its stakeholders. Not only do they support the organic food and cultivation market, they celebrate equality and understanding in several social movements including most recently homosexual equality rights. This really reinforces their brand identity as a company who cares about more than profits.

2 thoughts on “Chipotle: Cultivating a Supreme Campaign

  1. I think Chipotle has done an amazing job marketing their product to the trendy “organic, healthy, gluten free, and natural” demographic. Society has been becoming healthier, and it seems more and more people would choose a Chipotle over a McDonalds. This is because that, yes, they are selling a lifestyle, and people are willing to pay more and wait a little longer to relate to their healthy living. Props to Chipotle for staying on top of trends and doing things a little differently than a typical fast-food chain.


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