One new media form that seems to be advancing at a remarkable rate is artificial intelligence. While computers are still unable to surpass the intelligence of humans, they are capable of, and often do work so that humans don’t have to. A simple example of this is Apple’s Siri. Siri cannot perform any tasks that the iPhone’s user cannot perform, however Siri does do work for the user so that they do not need to perform that function. Users can ask Siri to send a text message or play a certain song, which can be faster or more convenient.

One of the dilemmas surrounding artificial intelligence is the fact that it deprives people of the opportunity to do the job performed by the machines. Many complain because of CVS Pharmacy’s automatic checkout machines, which have eliminated job opportunities throughout the United States and the developed world. On one side of the issue are those who believe that there is no need for artificial intelligence, and in fact that it is detrimental to society because it takes away opportunities for people. On the other side are those who believe that we should invest more into artificial intelligence, because it allows for greater opportunities, because technology will be freeing up people by occupying tasks that formerly required humans.

Another fear concerning artificial intelligence is the idea of the “singularity”, which is the moment where technology becomes sentient, surpassing humans in their thought capabilities. Some believe that computers will develop a sense of consciousness as we create technology that is truly able to learn and adapt as it grows. Obviously these ideas have been popularized by films such as Terminator or i,Robot, however they are becoming more and more of a reality in recent years. Google’s driverless cars have been approved for the road, and it’s possible they will become popular, though they have not caught on as a commercial product.

As technology becomes more advanced, what was formerly only speculation or hypothesizing has become a reality, whether it is driverless cars or artificially intelligent operating systems. This is one of the main premises of the movie Her, which steps only every so slightly into the realm of science fiction. Every year, with every new Google or Apple or Sony release, we see technology grow in intelligence. The area of media and technological ethics has grown tremendously important, as our technology has developed more semblance of a conscious.


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