3D house printing

Building houses is very challenging. Between the cost of labor, construction time, cost of materials, and lack of availability, the housing industry is very difficult. What if we could eliminate some of these variables, like cost, time, and workers? That would make the house making process much easier. It turns out a building style has recently been developed that can do just that.


Thanks to a University of Southern California professor, Behrokh Khoshnevis, these variable can be removed from the process. Khoshenvis came up with the process of 3D printing houses. The process is exactly the same as 3D printing small objects, except it is in a much bigger scale. The way it by using liquid materials that can be printed and then harden in the printed shape. This technology is even able to print plumbing and different floor surfaces, which makes these houses customizable. According to the article, cool design features that most people would not be able to afford are now going to be available with little to no extra cost. 3D printed houses can also be built in as little as 24 hours, which means a town of 3D printed houses can be made in a few days. This makes them much better, safer, and more efficient option than shacks made during natural disasters and in low-income areas.  

Additional benefits to 3D printing houses are that they are “…cheaper, stronger, faster, safer, and more eco-friendly than manual construction” (Miles, 2014). These benefits mean that they are a very great option in low income areas, areas destroyed in natural disasters, and in 3rd world country shanty towns. Whenever any of these situations are present, housing is always needed and in short supply. However, due to the cheap and easily transportable nature of 3D house printing machines, these houses could be extremely valuable.  

The technology is even proving to be so adaptable that it could ultimately be used on other planets as a way to build housing facilities for astronauts. According to the Huffington Post article, NASA is very supportive of using this technology on other planets to make space colonies. This shows just how much potential 3D printing houses has. It could be the building style in the future of all housing.  


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2 thoughts on “3D house printing

  1. I don’t quite understand how 3D printing works…but it’s amazing how far technology has come! I’m interested to see where this will take us in the future.


  2. This concept is very interesting to me on multiple levels, as I have recently made a blog posting about 3D printing edible arrangements and the 3D drawing tool, called the doodler. On another level, this is interesting to me as my father is a contractor! I think this would be an amazing tool which could be utilized to create large scale housing complexes for low income families, and even has the opportunity to create grand structures where humans may not have been able to create with such detail and perfection! This is also terrifying, as this is my fathers field of work, and to know it could be threatened sometime in the future is unnerving.

    Thanks for posting!


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