People Backs off Kids

If you open up a tabloid or log onto a Hollywood gossip site, you are sure to be flooded with an influx of photos and outrageous headlines in order to grab your attention. Have you ever taken notice of who’s with your favorite celebs in said photos? More often than not, celebrity children have been photographed just as much as their famous parents. With celebrity babies becoming their own topic of discussion, the coveted “first photos” of a child like North West or the craze of following Suri Cruz’s personal style have become almost, if not more important than what their celebrity moms and dads are up to.

Recently, many stars have started campaigning to get big name entertainment reporters, both on television and print to stop publishing photos of celebrity children. Actress Halle Berry even has a bill in the works against paparazzi harming children with their probing eye while Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard tweeted and blogged how fed up they were over paparazzi harassing them to get a photo of their 10 month old and asked for support from a big name publication.

Now although this may not seem not “New Media” news, the publications and television shows are responding and indeed changing the rules of media reporting, to some degree. Now People Magazine, Entertainment Tonight and, all entertainment reporting sites, will not publish photos of children without their parents’ consent. Red Carpet photos and exclusive’s are the only times that they will use children of photos. So photos of children shopping, at the park, or just being kids will not be shown by the magazine, show or blog.

An avid tabloid reader, I forget the harm that having a camera in your face and the “poacher” like mentality of the paparazzi can do your childhood so I think this is a great idea. Children should not have to worry about such things, they did not ask for it. This shows that celebrities have the power to change how and what is reported in media! What are your thoughts?


4 thoughts on “People Backs off Kids

  1. This is a really good point. While I think that it’s ridiculous when stars complain about the paparazzi, (hey, they signed up for this when they got that multi-million dollar record deal!) I think it’s totally wrong to photograph and bombard their children merely because they’re the spawn of these gorgeous, talented and filthy rich stars. For kids that grow up in the media, life isn’t easy. How fair is it to document and exploit the lives of these children merely because they have some pretty famous parents? I think Halle Berry is right. There should be legislation that protects these children, I wholeheartedly agree.


  2. It’s sad that there has to be legislation in place to keep tabloids out of these children’s lives. We’ve seen the consequences of fame on children (hello Paris Hilton). I wonder how growing up in that atmosphere changes a child’s experience. I had an awkward enough time growing up without someone sticking a camera in my face and commenting on my shoes.


  3. I’m so glad to hear that People is going to treat children better, but I agree with the commenter above that it should have happened a lot sooner. I hope that other media outlets do the same.


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