“Misfit Right In” Commercial: Captivating, Bold, and Oh So Sexy


The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas loves playing outside the lines, which is exactly what they did in their newest commercial, “Misfit Right In.” It’s not your typical hotel commercial. It’s loud, daring, and possibly seizure-causing. Nonetheless, I’m completely obsessed with it.

Vegas. It’s sin city; this city parties hard, has no regrets, and thrives on getting wild. The Cosmopolitan encompasses the Vegas vibe in the new commercial. The commercial has Major Lazer’s “Original Don” featuring The Partysquad,  a loud electronic track, playing, setting up the party scene. Quick flashes of body parts, a disco ball on fire, and china breaking create the imagery. There’s also bold words being displayed against a black background: “Mutation is progress,” “Wrong has more fun,” “Correct is a mistake,” “Right is a trap,” “Proper  dies,” “Make a hot mess,” “Wild is laid” and “Misfit right in.”

The Cosmopolitan is a luxury hotel targeting young trendy adults who don’t like playing by the rules—misbehaviors. The commercial is definitely not for everyone. Some argue that it’s too intense and too provocative for a hotel commercial, but I think it speaks perfectly to their intended audience. It gives off a club vibe, which The Cosmopolitan houses one of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas, Marquee. The nightclub attracts young adults who enjoy the lux things in life, but also want to let loose and release their wild side. The commercial gives people a sense of the atmosphere at the hotel; it’s far from boring. Regardless if a person is part of the intended target audience, the commercial intrigues him/her. It demands attention through the music, the imagery, and the verbiage.

Vegas is a wild place, and the Cosmopolitan wants to show just that in their commercial. It makes a statement, and that’s exactly why I love it.




One thought on ““Misfit Right In” Commercial: Captivating, Bold, and Oh So Sexy

  1. Here is finally a good example of an advertisement appropriately using sex to sell. The theme fits with the nature of Las Vegas and the atmosphere the hotel wants you to experience.


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