What’s in the bread?

One of Subway’s major marketing strategies is promising fresh baked bread and the perception of “better for you” offerings. In fact, last week, Michelle Obama even sat and ate lunch before hosting a press conference at a Subway in Washington D.C in an attempt to commend Subway for joining her healthy eating initiative. The initiative pledges nutritious foods on its kid’s menu. This is large selling point for Subway, by pledging to be producing healthy food products, especially to children who need to start eating healthy foods at a young age in order to continue the trend into adulthood.

However, Subway has recently been reported to include a chemical known as Azodiacarbonamide into its bread. This same chemical is commonly used to increase elasticity in everything from yoga mats to shoe rubber. Doesn’t sound too appetizing, does it?

Although the chemical is FDA approved, people do not want to be putting something into their mouth that is also an ingredient in yoga mats. Recently, food safety and health concerns have become a priority with American consumers. And thus, if Subway wants consumers to come back and eat there, despite new advertisements and marketing strategies, they must first remove the chemical.



This is a screenshot of Subway stating that they are not the only ones to use the ingredient. They even include a link that explains how popular the ingredient actually is, claiming it to be safe as well as a common dough conditioner for bread. Subway does eventually conclude that they are in the process of removing the ingredient anyway and that the full removal will be competed shortly.




Subways most recent advertising slogan: Playtime is about to be powered by veggies, was made in an attempt to market to children, as stated in the beginning. Subway has announced that it is joining partnership for a Healthier America, which is backed by First Lady Michelle Obama.



This is the new AD that subway has released as part of their Healthier America partnership with the first lady. Part of Subway’s new partnership for a Healthier America will include a series of campaigns that will focus on increasing fruit and vegetable consumption among kids. They are trying to get kids to want to order veggies… so when ordering a sandwich; they want to get kids to pile on the veggies on their sandwiches.

Subway is planning a $41 million dollar investment in the new campaign. However, this large investment still pales in comparison to the amount McDonald’s spends advertising to children. According to Ad Age, the world’s largest fast food chain spends more in single year marketing Happy Meals than Subway will spend during its three-year commitment. Subway has never before participated in a marketing campaign like this one, so it’s definitely a start.

However, joining a campaign that markets healthier food is hypocritical when Subway contains a chemical in its bread that is used in plastic. Thus, if subway wants to continue this new advertising strategy of healthier eating and better options for kids, it needs to fully remove the chemical from all its products.

I personally know people who have stopped eating at subway directly because they found out about the chemical in the bread. It’s obvious that people today are becoming more and more concerned with health, germs, and food safety and it is no surprise that Subways bread scandal has spread so quickly. So what about you, are you still eating the bread? Or are you waiting for Subway to remove it?



Luckerson, Victor. (24, January 2014)  Subway Targets Kids With New Marketing           Campaign. Retrieved from http://business.time.com/2014/01/24/subway-targets-           kids-with-new-marketing-campaign/ 

3 thoughts on “What’s in the bread?

  1. I like most people do not want to be ingesting an ingredient that makes plastic, but this cannot be completely put on Subway because there are unnatural substances and chemicals in almost every other fast food dish. If people want “safer” food options they would need to boycott all fast food establishments.


  2. I feel like we hear stories like these too often. At least once a month we found out that some big, trusted company is feeding us lies (literally). I think this all stems from the faulty systems that we have in place for deciding what is foods are healthy to feed our country with. These problems don’t occur in Europe, where they have very strict food regulations. The U.S. could learn a lot from how the European culture protects their foods.


  3. Our food is so processed and chemically altered. This one ingredient is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. It is great that people are starting to demand clean food, but anyone going to Subway for a truly healthy meal is misinformed from the beginning. The FDA does not have high enough standards for the United States. Everything is processed, infused, or grown with chemicals to satisfy the American appetite for large quantities of food for cheap. We need to first educate the public about the real cost of making food and demonstrate how because it is cheap means it is made cheaply.


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