Virtual Relationships, Software Bound?

Today in class we touched upon the movie “Her,” where Joaquin phoenix plays a middle aged man in love with his operating system. This sounds bizarre to most of us, but people have strange attachments to objects and psychological problems. But is this the new thing, are we going to hear about cases like this in the U.S. There are many girlfriend applications that are being used in Japan right now.

Megan Ellison is the producer of “American Hustle,” and “Her.” Her father is Larry Ellison, which is the CEO for the company Oracle. He does not like the way this generation is headed, when it pertains to video games and the virtual reality itself. Kids used to play outside until the sun went down and now kids barely spend any time outdoors. I agree I don’t know about any of you, but I am 22 years old and I played outside all the time when I was little. All you hear today is that kids are too consumed with social media and video games.


So I did some searching on YouTube for a video clip showing a virtual relationship in the virtual world. I came across this strange yet hilarious one of this kid or man with a voice changing device playing this popular game called “Second Life.” He just goes through the game, you get to see a little bit about the game. Take a look…

Hahaha, well I’m not a gamer and I feel like if I was I would not take time out of my day to play. But if you’re into that kind of thing I guess people like the idea of starting over in the virtual world. I see that side of it, people can change their avatars appearance, occupation, and just about everything. I personally feel like there is no relationship like a REAL relationship with a human. Communication skills are always being hindered in this generation by technology, and this is just another example of it getting worse.


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