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LeBron James + McDonalds + New Bacon Clubhouse + Snapchat = A recipe for social media marketing success.  McDonalds has embraced evolving digital technology, and social media marketing techniques, as they embark on a social media campaign dedicated to using Snapchat.  With the help of LeBron James, McDonald’s hope to successfully market their new Snapchat account in order to reach a mass amount of potential consumers.


McDonald’s is beginning their strategy through using the Snapchat Stories feature, which is less of a private message.  According to an article by Advertising Week, “Snapchat Stories have the potential to tell a longer-form story and the clearer privacy boundaries inherent in stories could give brands more of an incentive to have a presence on the Snapchat network” (Delo, 2014).

McDonalds published its first Snapchat Story on February 25th.  Throughout the day, McDonald’s added to the story with images and video clips featuring LeBron James.  He says, during the Snapchat Story, “Welcome to the club, baby.”  While the camera scans over to a view of McDonald’s new Bacon Clubhouse Sandwich.  This segment also features a Seattle Seahawks player, Richard Sherman, and a top NFL prospect, Johnny Manziel.

Rick Wion, director of social media for McDonald’s, stated, “We [McDonalds] are excited to use Snapchat as a way to share the fun side of our brand with this highly engaged audience of millennials.” He continues with saying, “With any platform, we always want to dip our toe in the water first and see how it works.  In this initial mode, we’ve gotten several thousand followers in a couple days. We think it’s a good sign that this has long term viability” (Fiegerman, 2014).

The Snapchat account will be monitored and managed by an in-house agency team and will recruit for additional help from an out-of-house agency.  McDonald’s is using this form of advertising in order to create a more personal relationship with consumers.  The plan, according to McDonald’s, is to share behind-the-scenes moments in a fun, creative, and quirky way.

Other brands who have decided to use Snapchat as a social marketing tool include: Taco Bell, HBO and their show “Girls”, GrubHub, Juicy Couture, Seventeen Magazine, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and even Kentucky Senator—Rand Paul.

What do you think? Do you think combining Snapchat with social media marketing strategies is a good idea for brands to utilize?


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One thought on “Snapchat Marketing

  1. The HBO show “Girls” actually made a Snapchat for their show a while before the premiere of this current season and snapchatted the premiere of their first episode of the season. It’s definitely a new and interesting way to go about incorporating social media with your product.


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