J’adore di Jennifer Lawerence, Not Dior

I do not even care what she is selling. I only care that it is Jennifer Lawrence, the voice of our generations and my imaginary best friend.

It is no secret that Jennifer Lawrence is the face of Dior. If you have been following this award season, Jennifer has arrived to each show decked head-to-toe in Dior couture. In person, Jennifer can look elegant and classic in these gowns even when she is stumbling up the Oscar steps. However, the latest Dior print advertisements  do not properly display the face of America’s sweetheart.



Of coarse, it is not our Jennifer’s fault. Bad photoshopping has plagued the fashion industry for years. Even Jennifer can’t escape its body morphing effect. Undoubtedly, she is beautiful, but all I can focus on is her extremely large head. Photoshop magic has switched Jennifer’s  normal, yet curvy body  with the body of a very well dressed, young boy. As a woman who has openly criticized the entertainment industry for its unhealthy body image, this advertisement conflicts with jennifer’s personal beliefs. She won’t lose weight for a role or an endorsement. She doesn’t have to. Dior will just edit her.

Dior is attempting to hit its target audience with these new ads. You do not have a heart or soul if you do not cherish Jennifer Lawrence. By attaching their brand to her likability and universal appeal, Dior hopes to widen their market appeal. This huge photo altering failure will not help their cause. It is almost sacrilegious to to deface America’s Sweetheart. 

Photoshopping aside, Dior still has a smaller market appeal. Yes, Jennifer looks gorgeous and will  hopefully improve sales. Bottom line of the matter is that Dior is too expensive for mass market appeal. The younger generations who live and breath the Hunger Games will drool over the ad, wonder what is wrong with her head, and then pin the picture on their collage wall. Their small allowance will never cover the costly price of a Dior bag.



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4 thoughts on “J’adore di Jennifer Lawerence, Not Dior

  1. I, too, love Jennifer Lawerence. She is what exemplifies what real beauty should be in Hollywood, and in everyday life. Since Jennifer has the beliefs to empower women’s body image, she should speak publically about the Photoshop failure. I think it will benefit Dior and Jennifer if their spokesperson stands up for what she believes in. It would be a win-win for the partners.


  2. I totally admire Jennifer for not being one of those stuck up Hollywood princesses that go on crazy diets and set bad examples for young girls everywhere and this ad just nullifies what she stands for. I like how she enjoys food and is comfortable with herself and it’s disheartening that this ad altered her so much.


  3. I think that it’s an important point that you’ve raised, that J.Law claims to stand-up for girls’ body image, the Dior ad is very hypocritical. She had to have some say in her image… and as you stated correctly, she’s made to look like a prepubescent boy. But there’s a reason this ad is out there… she must have been ok with it. While I adore her and think of her as a long lost best friend, I think that says something. Why did she model for them in the first place… and why didn’t she stop them when they photoshopped her?! Just some food for thought.


  4. I think that there is a lot of opportunity to capitalize on Jennifer’s “natural beauty” stance that people are missing out on. Stick her on a magazine, say it’s unedited, and you’ll already have publicity. And she’s Jennifer Lawrence anyway, who already doesn’t look like a normal human being.


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