Put Down the Phone for Clean Water

In this day and age, our cell phones have become our security blankets; we love them, carry them around, and often sleep with them. UNICEF is challenging people to put down our phones, and resist the urge to check them constantly with the UNICEF Tap Project. Simply by leaving our phones alone for ten minutes, sponsors will fun day of clean water for children who are living without it.

This project brings to light the things we take for granted on a daily basis. We often take our smartphones for granted, not to mention clean water. That’s something we’ve had the privilege of not having to worry about. It seems so simple that just by leaving our phones alone for a few minutes, we can benefit someone else’s life.

I think this would be a great challenge for people to take with their friends. Too often I find myself sitting with other people and checking my social media feeds rather than interacting with the people around me. It would be so easy to challenge ourselves to put our phones down even just for dinner, and see how that not only pushes us to engage with each other, but benefit others as well.

Personally, I think this would be a simple challenge to take either while I’m getting ready in the mornings away from my phone, or while I’m in class when I often unnecessarily check my phone every few minutes. We truly have become addicted to our phones and I think UNICEF has found a way to put this problem to good use, in a way that both enlightens the person taking the challenge, and helps those in need.

To take the challenge, visit uniceftapproject.org on your phone and see how long you can go without checking your phone. During the challenge, your screen will display information about the need for clean water, and shows the kind of unnecessary social media that has occurred in the time since you put your phone down. The site also allows users to donate additional funds if they so wish.

The challenge is simple, but the message is important. Not everyone has been given the things we take for granted, and if we can do something as easy as putting down our phones to help others, I think its important that we challenge ourselves to do so.


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3 thoughts on “Put Down the Phone for Clean Water

  1. That’s sounds like an awesome project. I love that it combines our need to abstain from social media use, or phone use in general, and the much more serious needs of developing countries.


  2. This is such an interesting and creative promotional idea. Nonprofs need to be really creative because they are working with a lot less than a massive company for profit.


  3. I saw something about this campaign on Facebook and was curious about it. I think it’s a great idea and a new way to raise money, while contributing to more social awareness over all.


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