Is Miley the New Madonna?

Miley Cyrus is perhaps best known as 2014’s pop culture provocateur. Her recent life choices have thrust her name into a sea of front-page headlines and online anti-Miley petitions. First her engagement with Liam Hemsworth is called off, then one raunchy music video after the other flooded YouTube (don’t pretend you haven’t watched the Wrecking Ball music video), followed by the infamous VMA performance with Robin Thicke, which was considered so scandalous that it was replayed by major news channels for weeks.

She isn’t 13-year-old Hannah Montana anymore. But is she really the tongue out-twerker she portrays herself to be? She is a 20-something year old trying to find herself and her place in the world. Maybe all of the high-cut leotards and unflattering haircuts are just pieces of a publicity stunt. Because lets be honest, whether you love her or hate her, you have definitely talked about her.

The debate of Miley Cyrus is an ongoing one; with rebellious teens and worried parents anticipating the new fuel that will inevitably be added to the Miley fire. Her wild ways, though undeniably entertaining, are rumored to be threatening her tour these days…

Miley picture

It has been speculated that certain venues of her latest Bangerz tour are in jeopardy of being cancelled due to complaints. Most complaints are coming from parents who call the concert a “porn show.” But have these parents not been paying attention to Cyrus the last 12 months!? This isn’t the first outrageous or overly sexual thing she has done, and we would be fools to think it is going to be the last! Why would parents expect the show to be MORE tame then her previous performances?

Imagine a big, flashy circus—throw in a few girl-on-girl moments, mascot animal heads, and a Bill Clinton mask and you have Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz Tour. Did we really imagine anything else from her? Of course not!

Miley’s transition from Disney tween star to dirty little sex kitten has been bumpy at times, but then again, she seems to be enjoying the ride. Cyrus gets off at pushing other people’s buttons, and the latest outrage of parents is just stroking her (bizarre) new ego.

Is it fair for her venues to cancel because a few moms have their panties in a bunch? Maybe if they went to a few more concerts, they would leave their panties at home. I’m not saying Miley isn’t pushing the envelope, I just think it is important for us to remember that she isn’t doing anything that her predecessors didn’t do before her. She is coming into her own as an artist and as a woman. If you don’t like what she does, or what she represents then don’t buy tickets to her world tour…because I have a hunch that Miley’s dry-humping weed-smoking ways are here to stay.



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5 thoughts on “Is Miley the New Madonna?

  1. Whether the image Miley has been projecting recently is true to her personality or a publicity stunt, there’s no denying that it has earned her a lot of attention. In regards to backlash over her tour, I have to agree with you. If you don’t want to see the show, don’t go. Regardless of any backlash she may receive as a result of her actions, she has become a recent phenomenon and I don’t think she’s going anywhere anytime soon.


  2. I agree in that Miley’s new image has gotten attention from all age groups, and while her publicity is mostly negative, it is still publicity nonetheless. Based on her recent actions, of course she is going to receive hate and backlash from society, but honestly it is only making her more popular. She has probably gained more fans since she changed her image than she had before, especially among college aged girls, because they admire that she is crazy, loves to party and does basically whatever she wishes. So, regardless of how crazy she becomes, like the previous comment said she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


  3. Miley is just marketing herself. Any press is good press – especially for pop stars. Her controversial actions are a way for her to stay relevant. It’s a form of advertising – plain and simple.


  4. This blog is an example of something no one can deny, everyone is talking about Miley Cyrus, which is what I believe is part of her goal with her new look and music. Everything she has done recently has kept people talking about her in the news and on social media. One cannot deny she is doing a great job in marketing herself. While this image may not be the best down the line, for now she is the only one people can talk about. In regards to her concert, if parents and people had watched her videos and other performances, what happens should not be a surprise. If you do not want to see it, do not buy tickets to it. I for one and excited to see her performance in Chicago next week!


  5. I’ve been saying since the beginning of her “new attitude” that it was good for publicity. Everyone’s talking about her, and the talk is about split 50-50 good and bad. Every star has negative reactions, especially when they change. The problem with child stars is that the public expects them to stay young and innocent forever, rather than letting them grow up and mature like a normal person. If Miley had become a star in her late teens, her provocative ways would not inspire such vehement opposition.


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