Chromecast: The Lazy HDMI


As time passes we come out with more innovative technology to make our lives easier and more entertaining. Recently (after buying an HDMI cable) I learned about Chromecast, a way to any HDMI compatible TV into a smart TV from the couch. The release of this was not surprising; in fact I have been waiting for something like this to be released for a long time.

Personally I found the HDMI cable to be the greatest invention but then again it is kind of like going back to the days when remotes were obsolete. Every time I wanted to pause or use any controls I would have to get up and navigate my computer across the room. This is a hassle and seems mismatched from our current technology.

Now with Chromecast and Apple TV we can sit on our couches and make our not so smart TVs into smart TVs without paying for a fancy, expensive TV. Chromecast runs about 35 dollars but is only a one-time cost and can be found on sale. Every thing one usually watches on a small screen can now be shown across the room on the TV with this usb type device. It can access many apps but currently even these are still limited as Chromecast is still young compared to other streaming devices such as Apple TV.

Since Chromecast stems from the Google Chrome browser, one can stream almost anything they want from Google Chrome making this basically the same as an HDMI cable.  At the same time Chromecast is close to useless if one does not subscribe to the apps such as Netflix and Hulu Plus unless it is worth is to buy this just to listen to Pandora (with ads) and watch YouTube videos as well as only access other free content.


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4 thoughts on “Chromecast: The Lazy HDMI

  1. Things just keep getting easier and easier; makes me wonder how I would ever survive in a world with a couple TV channels and no remote. I probably wouldn’t.


  2. Every time I read about new technologies like this I think, “It was only a matter of time.” It seems so simple and a, “why didn’t I think of that,” kind of idea but that’s how technology works. Making it all come to life and the job of the advertisers is make the consumers believe it’s a necessity – “Well that’s pretty simple but a great idea! Why didn’t I invent that?!”


  3. I saw a ChromeCast at a Best Buy the other day and was really wondering if that was something people would be… Now I know four people who have one. I wonder if its just a short-lived “try it out” phase or really a trend that will stick around.


  4. ChromeCast is definitely one of those things that make our lives easier but also solidify how lazy we’re becoming. Things like this always make me somewhat concerned that technology really has taken over our lives to the point of no return when we can’t get up to work a TV. Nowadays it seems like a bizarre concept that at our parents used to have to get up and turn the dial if they wanted to switch stations. ChromeCast and other products such as Apple TV, HDMI cords, etc. also make me wonder how much longer cable TV will be relevant. Will we continue tuning into regular channels on traditional forms of TV or will audiences be content with watching reruns and Netflix originals because it is more convenient for us?


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