Meet The WorldPost: A New Digital News Site



A joint venture of The Huffington Post and The Berggruen Institute on Governance was launched late last month introducing a new digital news site that promises to, “bring together a mix of perspectives, from world leaders to young people whose voices might otherwise go unheard.” 

The project, headed by Nathan Gardels, executive editor Peter Goodman and Arianna Huffington, has potential to be something big in the digital world.  It introduces the possibility of not just well-known and highly regarded reporters and writers, but young people who are aching or their opinions and voices to be heard regarding both U.S. and worldly topics.

Now is supposedly a time of hunger we have for an expanded global conversation seeing as we are all becoming more and more involved in each others controversies, politics and issues that of which are expanding outside of our native countries. 

The WorldPost combines the best of traditional journalism with the best of open media and new technologies that exist today as well as those being developed and existing in the near future.  The point of the site is to connect with the more digitally growing world that the young generations are enjoying more-so than paper news as well as working to gain their attention early on with the opportunity of having their voice heard.

Although for many young people this may not appear extremely exciting and enticing to look further into, it is something that has potential to become big.  This is an opportunity for you, college students, to have your voice be heard!  I encourage you to look further into the new site and consider reading and commenting on current articles that many important and influential people actually are beginning to take the time to notice and answer to.

Huffington Post believes this is the future of news, with its integration of both local and global articles written by young people, entrepreneurs, professional and well regarded journalists among others all over the country and the world.  As well as it’s dominance in the digital world, taking advantage of the power of the internet and how quickly and effectively news is spread and read.

For more information, visit The WorldPost’s webpage, 


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3 thoughts on “Meet The WorldPost: A New Digital News Site

  1. You’re right, it may not seem exciting. But for the journalism majors who are constantly being told they won’t find any word, this could be huge news.


  2. I think this is great news. I’m tired of my generation reading news clippings on twitter and thinking that this is an adequate way to find out about current events in the world. This seems like the perfect creation to ensure journalism stays alive and well in a growing digital, fast paced environment.


  3. Do we really need another news site? That was the first question that came to my mind upon reading your post. I think that this is only going to increase the idea of citizen journalism. It’s exciting for young people to have a voice, but is this really the way we want to go about it?


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