Wearable Smart Tech, Is It On The Trend Train?

Wearable Smart Technology

Wearable Smart Technology

Wearable smart technology? Personally, I am not sure exactly how I feel about it. I like the idea in terms of convenience and other potential benefits that it presents in professional fields such as medicine and education in addition to personal uses. I feel like we have all heard of the Google Glass device, and most of us have heard the Nike wrist bands that deliver specific real time performance measurements, and body indications. But how is the wearable smart technology market really doing? Can smart watches, glasses and bands become trend leaders in the consumer market?

Obviously, look and style are critical to creating a fashionable trend in smart technology devices. After surfing the web for a bit, I found a few wearable smart technology designs that I kind of liked, but I did not see anything that I was ready to drop $300 or more on.

During my search for a style of smart technology that I could see myself purchasing, I came across an article that highlights a new smartwear technology trend in Hong Kong that features smart eyelashes and finger nails. I though it was so interesting that I had to share the link.

Smart Eyelashes and Fingernails: The Next Wave of Wearable Tech

During the remainder of my search for wearable technology that suits my personality, I came across something that really caught my attention, smart contact lenses. This is definitely James Bond level technology. I have always hoped smart contact lenses would some day be available and now the opportunity is just around the corner. In my opinion Smart contact lenses can completely change the wearable smart technology game if approached correctly.

Here is a link to the video/article I first watched that introduced me to the possibility.

Smart Contact Lenses

Though this article is primarily focused on the medicinal benefits that this technology can bring, there is not doubt in my mind that these smart contact lenses can be modified to consumer uses, and can possibly be adopted by big name companies such as Apple, Nike, and Google.

By integrating wearing technology as fashion pieces, smart technology designers hope to make the interactivity of the using these devices less cumbersome but rather more natural and fluid to human behaviors and daily activities.

Personally I am a big fan of the smart contact lenses, and I think that wearable smart technology has the potential to dominate the consumer market depending on how it is approached by design teams. As of now, I feel like the design and style of current wearable devices needs a seriously new approach in order to become trend leaders among consumers.

How do you feel wearable smart technology will influence the consumer market?

Feel free to share your thoughts and comments about wearable technology or any of the wearable smart technology topics mentioned above.

2 thoughts on “Wearable Smart Tech, Is It On The Trend Train?

  1. I think part of the problem with some of the wearable technology is its impracticality. Sure, a smartwatch seems cool when you’re seven and watching Spy Kids, but what does it do that your phone can’t do more conveniently?
    The eyelash idea also seems one that is more just simply cool than useful, but the contact idea is one I could see taking off.


  2. I agree with the comment above, however I do believe that in the future, there will be a market what is economically able and willing to buy expensive and cool products such as the smart watch. To us, it is impractical, but is an iPhone5 really going meet the expectations and needs of the future?


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