Valentine’s Day Blues

Another year, another Valentine’s Day. And for single people, another year of mocking the couples, commercialization, and love in general. For years we solo folk have turned to many things to help numb the pain of our current relationship status: chocolate, alcohol, rom-coms, and other lonely friends, just to name a few. But here in the digital age we now have another outlet for our frustration: the internet.


In the last week I haven’t been able to scroll through my twitter feed without seeing countless Valentine’s Day jokes, cards, and jabs. At least a dozen different accounts have sprung up solely for the purpose of pop culture- referenced Valentine’s Day e-cards. The most popular account has nearly 350,000 followers alone. The contents are mainly puns involving famous characters and celebrities, most including dirty jokes.
   The jokes range from mild-mannered “Don’t go bacon my heart” to the much more nasty “r u a dementor because u suck”. A little something for everyone, you might say. People have really responded to the cards, retweeting and praising their favorite choices. I’ve seen an endless flow of these images being tweeted back and forth between friends, family, and lovers. Our generation of internet users definitely has a more sarcastic and cynical outlook on life and love, and these cards are the perfect way to express that.





But just in case you get sick of these Twitter cards, know that they are not the end-all be-all of funny Valentine’s Day internet propaganda. A quick trip to popular news/timewasting website Buzzfeed will provide you with hours of entertainment on the importance of having a Valentine, being single, or even skipping the holiday in general. They tailor their articles to target specific audiences, as evident with titles such as “The 18 Best Valentine’s Day Cards For The Harry Potter Addict In Your Life” and “11 Reasons Books Are Better Valentines Than People”.








One of these spins off the Twitter cards with an even more expansive inventory, while the latter takes a second to appreciate the value of a good book rather than human companionship. Some people even dub the traditional day of lovers to actually be “Single Person Awareness Day,” and they might find these articles reassuring and more entertaining than drowning themselves in a bowl of ice cream tonight. “7 Things That Are Better Valentines Than Humans” might actually be my favorite, listing everything from Netflix to alcohol that are way more fun to interact with than real people in the physical world.





But has the internet gone too far? Are the hours we spend on Twitter and Buzzfeed every day the reason so many of us are spending Valentine’s Day alone? Are we becoming anti-social, and just validating that through these images and articles? I don’t think it’s any secret that our generation is vastly different than the ones that came before us, but has the wonderful inventions of technology and fast-paced media doomed us to be “4ever alone?”




6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Blues

  1. I think that Valentines Day can be an especially lucrative holiday for corporations because many people with or without a Valentine can be extremely emotional around this time of year. If an advertisement is able to exploit these emotions that many people are feeling and cause them to act, they stand to benefit greatly.


  2. I think that the cards are really funny. I think it is somewhat of a satire on how people make Valentines day into such a big deal. I think some people take it too seriously.


  3. Valentine’s Day is my least favorite holiday but my favorite holiday on the internet. When you go online during V Day, there’s an insane amount of jokes and memes about how dumb the holiday is. There are some that aren’t funny, but most of them are perfect and can be appreciated by both singles and those in relationships.


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