Tabloid to Tablet: Advertisements

Tablets are becoming a very popular trend in today’s technology driven society. This presents a new way for advertisers to reach consumers. Advertisements on tablets range from interactive games to advertisements located within the tablets applications.


I specifically looked at one type of tablet advertisement. That type would be the in magazine app advertisements. These advertisements often look similar to those found in the hard copy of the magazine, but since they are digital they can contain interesting features such as links, videos, stories and photos.


Gfk MRI Starch Advertising Research decided that they would measure advertisements from a large selection of magazines to determine some information about what was working and what was not. They found that positioning mattered and that advertisements do not necessarily need to use interactive features. This means that some of the best advertisements in digital magazines did not have links videos and other interactive qualities.


Attached to this post is the video slide show that displays the top ten advertisements from magazines in 2013. The advertisements that can be seen there are fairly simple majority of them contain large images minimal script and effects.


As I have discovered in other classes less is often times more as we are bombarded with advertisements every where we turn. Keeping these top ads minimalistic does not overwhelm the consumer who is viewing them and allows them to take in a visual message through the vibrant images.

One thought on “Tabloid to Tablet: Advertisements

  1. I didn’t see the purpose of tablets when they first came out. The longer they’ve been out, I realize how useful they are. They’re mini, portable computers, and that’s the way advertisers target them, as computers.


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