Paris Prepares for Love with Emergency Boxes

In the spirit of the holiday, I thought it would be fun to talk about a new advertising project that a flower company launched today in Paris. The Flower Council of Holland, a group that helps florists start their business, has installed 15,000 emergency boxes around the city that contain single red roses. The box reads “In case of love at first sight, break the glass.”

 The campaign also consisted of a viral video showing the employees setting up stations the night before Valentine’s Day. It explains the concept of the boxes and includes a little story of a man falling in love and conveniently using the box. The video also included contact information at the end to promote the boxes and the Flower Council of Holland.


I really liked this campaign, dubbed “Funny How Flowers Do That,” because it reminds us that not every aspect of advertising needs to be immersed in the digital world today. While there was a viral component of this project, I loved that the company produced something real that people could interact with. I think it will probably be incredibly successful whether or not people actually use the boxes merely because it is so creative and unconventional. It definitely attracts people to the website and promotes the digital aspects through physical objects and I think that’s an interesting approach that isn’t used enough. It grabs people’s attention and makes them curious and I think that’s what good advertising is about. 

Nudd, T. Paris is Prepared for Love Emergencies With Breakable Flower Boxes for Valentine’s Day. Ad Week. Retrieved February 14, 2014, from


2 thoughts on “Paris Prepares for Love with Emergency Boxes

  1. I love this campaign! As a single girl, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have much significance for me this year, and almost brings about a sense of negativity. This campaign brought a smile to my face, I wish we could bring it to the US!


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