Lay’s “Do Us A Flavor” Returns

Lay’s Chips experienced incredible success after launching their “Do us a Flavor” campaign which began in 2012. The basic concept of the campaign was to get a bunch of new flavor suggestions from the general public in order to promote the brand. The response to the initial campaign was overwhelmingly positive so they are doing it again. Lay’s strategy to engage the public this way is genius on so many levels. Fans of the brand can unleash their creativity and feel like the winner with a grand prize of $1,000,000. This also works for Lays because they can get fresh ideas for their potato chips and also profit from the publicity of the contest. When I found out about the contest, I was immediately interested and excited about the idea. When the top three were chosen, I went to the grocery store and bought the sample bags for every flavor. Lays is on top of the potato chip industry and they have the resources to develop flavor ideas at their disposal. With the amazing resources at their fingertips combined with the creativity of the public, Lay’s is sitting on a gold mine. While there are a few expenses in developing the flavor ideas and the actual prizes, the profits from the publicity of the contest and the buzz surrounding the new flavor creates public relations exposure that becomes invaluable to the company. This year they have a catchy jingle to accompany the campaign and celebrity endorsement by Wayne Brady. The famous improv comic is using his talents to sing about submissions from the audience. Here’s one of his hilarious renditions:

The jingle is also very catchy. I really applaud Lay’s for diversifying the promotion of this year’s contest which I’m sure will be a success. The contest will go on until April and although I can’t think of any cool flavor combinations like Chicken and Waffles or Garlic Bread, I look forward to seeing what America comes up with. The runners up even receive a smaller prize of $50,000. This is a brilliant campaign with lots of fun thrown into it so I’m anxious to see what happens in April!

Exil, D. (2014, January 16). La’ys relaunches ‘do us a flavor’ contest with help from wayne brady . Retrieved from

5 thoughts on “Lay’s “Do Us A Flavor” Returns

  1. The ‘Do Us a Flavor” campaign is definitely a fantastic marketing idea. The whole concept of voting on flavors created is really interesting, I remember Mountain Dew did something similar a while back. Just the voting process would boost sales and ad revenue on the voting sites. It’d be worth it even if they didn’t have the people create flavors, just based on the more or less competitive nature of people.


  2. I agree with your view that Lays made a good move in letting consumers decide what flavors they want, as it dictates the wants of the market. Lays now knows what’s hot and can continue to make those flavors, along with the traditional ones, to remain one of the biggest potato chips producer in the industry.


  3. I also think that Lays is doing a good job with this campaign. I personally turned in a flavor myself recently. It is a good way for consumers to interact with the brand and also dictate what they want to receive all at the same time and in the exact same place. Also the reward for doing such a simple thing easily out weighs the amount of time it takes to do it.


  4. So happy this is back! It worked fabulous the first time and I don’t think this time will be any different. It’s a really good way to involve customers and truly make them form a connection with a brand on a different level. I also think due to last years success this year will be ever better.


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