Jamaican Bobsled Song

The Winter Olympics usually conjure up images of snowy mountains, countries with frigid conditions, and events like skiing, snowboarding, hockey and skating.  There are those events every year that do not get as much hype as the high priority events that are just as exciting and difficult as the best of them; such as curling, luge and bobsledding.  These sports are still popular in countries that embrace the Winter Olympics, but many warmer, tropical countries around the world are obviously absent from the winter games, except Jamaica.  The return of the Jamaican Bobsled team has been highly publicized the past couple of weeks, but now that the games have begun we have not seen as much press for the team, until now.  The Jamaican Tourist Board paired with Draftfcb New York to create a Jamaican Bobsled song that has brought them back into the spotlight.

The song’s video syncs the song to an old-school video game animation of the team racing down the bobsled track in Sochi.  Draftfcb claims, “If you press play at the exact moment the Jamaican Bobsled Team starts its run down the actual racetrack in Sochi on Sunday, you’ll have your very own authentic soundtrack to one of the most anticipated moments of the Winter Olympics.” (Gianastasio, 2014)

The song has been uplifting spirits after the airline “lost” the Jamaican team’s gear on the way to the games, and delayed them from getting their proper training on the Sochi course.  No worries, the team got their gear back and is more than ready for their race this Sunday.  When the team finally did got their gear returned they realized it had been searched because their cans of protein powder were opened and dumped all over their clothes.  Security had delayed the team from receiving its gear to search through it for Jamaica’s favorite plant most likely.  This is the first time the team has qualified for the Olympic games in twelve years; you would think they could cut them a little slack for their determination and hard work.

This did nothing to dampen the team’s spirits because they are just excited that their team gets to represent their country once again. Jamaica’s citizens are excited to see them as well, having donated $178,000 to the team for travel expenses and new equipment.  Jamaica is definitely the underdog in the bobsled event, but the world is happy to see them back on the track and this new song is a wonderful celebration of this team’s enthusiasm for the sport, representing their country, and bringing people together.


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Gianatasio, David. (2014). This Catchy Jamaican Bobsled Song is Timed to Match the Track at Sochi. Adweek. Retrieved From: http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/catchy-jamaican-bobsled-song-timed-match-track-sochi-155736

2 thoughts on “Jamaican Bobsled Song

  1. Although it may not technically be considered advertising, I think that the Jamaican Bobsled song is hilarious and is helping to earn the Jamaican bobsled team well deserved publicity. Cool Runnings already has made millions of people fall in love with the Jamaican Bobsled team, now the story of them raising $178,000 to compete in this years Olympic Games is only improving the World’s perception of the team.


  2. That’s awesome (the song)! I’m really sorry to hear about how the bobsled team was treated.
    “Ya dead, mon?”
    “No mon!”
    Way to go Jamaica and I’m happy their were able to participate!


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