For the Hopeless Romantic in You

It’s easy to get pessimistic about Valentine’s Day. After all, Valentine’s day is just a Hallmark holiday to sell flowers, greeting cards, and stuffed animals, right? No! It can be used to sell all sorts of products and services! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a total naysayer when it comes to the ooey gooey stuff, but I hesitate when romance is paired with products and services. All that said, why not enjoy some Valentine’s Day advertisements?

(Luckerson, 2014)


This, surprisingly, is an ad for hair dye from Schwarzkopf Professional, a cosmetics company (Luckerson, 2014). I generally wouldn’t think of hair dye in such a romantic light, but this commercial is very clearly for a hair product while still being sweet. The cinematography includes a lot of slow-moving hair and the woman playing with her (obviously beautifully dyed) hair. Judging by how many hits I got of this single video when I searched for Valentine’s Day ads, this ad has been effective in generating buzz, and hopefully for the company, sales.

(Nudd, 2014)

            Following the theme of flower based Valentine’s Day advertisements, pictured above is an ad from Paris. The Flower Council of Holland placed over a thousand of these out on the streets, along with releasing a video of generate even more buzz. This advertisement does not seemed to have generated as much buzz as my first ad, but this may generate more after today. Admittedly, I think this one is pretty cute, and don’t worry, the “glass” is just plastic wrap.

Now here is a Valentine that is far less romantic: Pizza Hut created its own OkCupid. Their profile is complete with information, including “Body Type: Light & Airy.” The public relations/advertising stunt is to promote their contest for a lifetime of free pizza. Interested suitors can submit their own marriage proposals to the pizza company for a chance to win using the hashtag #CommitToGreatness (Morrison, 2014). The whole thing is pretty clever if you ask me, and who wouldn’t want a lifetime of free pizza?

(“Gun oil commercial,” 2014)


For one final Valentine’s Day ad, here’s a surprising sweet one. The product is not always advertised with this sort of sentiment, but I thought that it was a really well done ad, and one that will get plenty of buzz as time goes on. What do you think? Do you enjoy romantic ads like these or do you think they’re too “mushy?”

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One thought on “For the Hopeless Romantic in You

  1. I have to admit that i get a little tired of many of the mushy and romantic ads but that is mostly bc of their repetitiveness. some of them have very good messages though and I really admire those. I remember the ones with important messages the best.


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