Facebook Tracks Your Love Life

In the spirit of Valentines Day, Facebook has revealed some surprising facts concerning the love lives of it’s users.  With 1.23 billion users on the site, plenty of interesting statistic related to love arose.  For example, Facebook is able to determine when two people are in the beginning stages by the amount of interaction they have together on the website. It is estimated that a couple will interact the most online during the 12 days before officially dating by sharing an average of 1.67 posts per day.  After two people are in a relationship, there interaction online begins to decline because they are likely to be spending more time actually with each other than just communicating online and they began to associate more positive emotions with each other.  Facebook data researchers can also determine a lot of factors that go into breakups as well.  The highest amount of break-ups occur during the summer months from May-July and break-up rates typically reach an all time low in the month of February. A couple on Facebook set a record for most break-ups by going in and out of the relationship 27 times within one year.  They haven’t had complete accuracy, but some researchers claim that they are able to predict break-ups, evaluate happiness and determine what exactly makes up a long lasting relationship just by looking at information that is provided by the users themselves on their Facebook pages.   Relationships that are able to last for at least three months are likely to be long-term relationship that can last up to four years or more.  The amount of positive and negative words on one’s profile can also reveal a lot about a relationship.  Facebook data scientist, Carlos Diuk spoke about the importance of word use. 

“For each timeline interaction, we counted the proportion of words expressing positive emotions (like ‘love,’ ‘nice,’ ‘happy,’ etc.) minus the proportion of words expressing negative ones (like ‘hate,’ ‘hurt,’ ‘bad,’ etc.,)” (USA TODAY).

If you are not in a relationship but are looking, Facebook has that covered too.  In grand total, the cities with the most single people are Colorado Springs, Salt Lake City, El Paso, and Portland. Places you would not have so much luck in include Detroit, Los Angeles and Washington. Getting down to the specifics, the cities with the most single men are San Francisco and San Jose.  Single ladies can primarily be found in Memphis, Jacksonville, and Charlotte.  


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2 thoughts on “Facebook Tracks Your Love Life

  1. I believe it and as creepy as this seems, it makes sense. People crave information like this and because facebook has the data they can do the research and give the numbers as well as state the theories.


  2. I’m not surprised that Facebook does this. I don’t know about you, but my timeline was filled with posts sharing their results from the match-up application. I think it’s interesting what aspects of relationships that Facebook tracks. I wonder if this data could be used to help alleviate the problems that Facebook causes in relationships.


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