Beck Bennett: “It’s Not Complicated”

Beck Bennett is the star of the famous AT&T “It’s Not Complicated” commercials. In the commercials, even though he has a professional appearance, he is able to be funny. I think these commercials are quite clever. I think this campaign has been very successful. It has, very successfully, used humor to convey its message. Most of this humor revolves around children being themselves…


–       “Working with children has done well for me,” Bennett tells The Daily Beast. “I don’t find them intolerable or frustrating. They’re just fun, full of energy, and happy to be there” (Fallon, 2013, p. 1).

These kids are hilarious. They are lively, cute, and funny. They draw the viewers in (for instance, myself). I find that when commercials are able to access humor and a proper message, they are more successful and are remembered… “Bennett’s ads—thanks to his adorable rapport with the kids—have been so enthusiastically embraced that AT&T keeps ordering more” (Fallon, 2013, p. 1).

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 4.56.19 PM

Bennett is gaining more and more popularity. He is beginning to make a name for himself, and show up all over television. While he was worried about being type-casted after the success of the AT&T commercials, he seems to be doing well in terms of looking towards the future. He doesn’t think he is just the AT&T guy… His career continues past this, including with Saturday Night Live. He does, however, say: “I would definitely like to start working with more people over age 7.” (Fallon, 2013, p. 1).


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4 thoughts on “Beck Bennett: “It’s Not Complicated”

  1. These ads are hilarious. Not only are they hilarious, but they’ve managed to find a way to make advertising to kids/including kids in advertising not creepy. That’s not an easy thing to do.


  2. I find these commercials very funny. It probably isn’t good for AT&t that I do not really think about their product while watching these commercials but I think it is definitely a career booster for Beck Bennett because I pay attention to his contact with the kids and I find them memorable.


  3. I love these commercials! I think they are refreshing and cute because there are kids in them. Sometimes they are a little pointless but who cares! It grabs your attention and its cute because the kids are hilarious.


  4. I love these commercials! They are so clever and funny, and unlike the Progressive ‘Flo’ commercials which are becoming almost annoying and overused, these commercials always have a new joke to them and are refreshing and cute each time.


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