Who Cares About Your Product? Tell Me a Story.

Schwarzkopf shared the most romantic tale of an insanely beautiful couple so deeply in love that it hurts. In under two minutes, a man shares all of the things he loves about his girlfriend- her eyes, her laugh, her smile. Spoiler alert! At the end, he proposes with pink tulips that he carefully planted in a garden to say, “Marry Me.”

Schwarzkopf sells hair dye, by the way.

What does love and marriage have to do with hair dye? I assume not much. However, this is just another example of how companies are straying from traditional advertising in which their product, brand, or service is highlighted. Rather, the current trend is to tell a story that conveys strong emotion, which viewers internalize, and then think highly of the brand who told them the story. This is an incredibly effective technique that has been used by Budweiser and Dirt Devil, to name a few.

Schwarzkopf isn’t even mentioned until the end, and it’s not like the focus of the story is about how great the lead actress’s hair is (although it is pretty great). However, the ad is still effective because it is sentimental, heartwarming, and well-scripted. The theme of the commercial is that “Love creates Beauty,” which incorporates the romantic elements of the advertisement- “love” with some tangibility in the product being sold- “beauty.” The ad was released on February 7th, and although it explicitly states that love is every day, it’s obvious that this story was strategically told just in time for Valentine’s Day. After all, that’s when the most attention, viewers, and genuine interest would be shown in this type of romantic storytelling.

The transition from actually talking about a product to simply telling a story is made possible due to new media technologies, which share the videos at higher frequencies through convenient and east to use communication channels. If this advertisement was on television, it would 1. Be expensive, because it is two minutes long and would be difficult to cut, and 2. The brand name isn’t shown long enough for people to even remember what it’s about. Instead, this video could be distributed and shared online in ways that people utilize on their own time, creating way more buzz than it would on just traditional TV alone.


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–  You – A Declaration of Love, by Schwarzkopf Nectra Color. (2014, February 7). Youtube. Retrieved February 13, 2014, from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOVJK3m1yZM

4 thoughts on “Who Cares About Your Product? Tell Me a Story.

  1. I agree, It would not be worth to put on T.V. because viewers would not know what the product is because it is not shown long enough. I watched this commercial a couple days ago and I loved how it kept my attention the whole two minutes but I did not really catch the product name.


  2. I agree with ebresser’s comment above. The ad is long and not good for your TV audience who is increasingly distracted. The ad was beautiful, but the effect it has doesn’t seem to go with the brand. Perhaps that’s what they want, but it certainly doesn’t stick with me to remember hair products because of a Valentine’s ad. Interesting post!


  3. I think they were pretty smart for making this ad. Clearly this wasn’t really made for TV broadcasting. It was made for social media, a unique thing that is happening with advertising now days. This commercial actually made me tear up with happiness in the end. I think the point of this ad is just to get people talking about the ad. And even if at the end you have to ask and go back and see who made it, you’re still talking about it.


  4. It’s interesting to see how ads are responding to changed media culture. Many people are straying away from watching live tv and sitting through commercials. Rather, viewers are recording their shows and watching them later or online and skipping through the commercials. On the other hand, I could totally see this video being shared on my Facebook newsfeed with the caption “Aww, a must watch!” being shared by my friends.


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