The Future of Fast Food

Fast food is going mobile. Taco Bell made the announcement just a few hours ago that later this year they will be releasing a mobile app to the public. This app will allow consumers to order ahead of time on their mobile device and go and pick up the food. Consumers will be able to use gift cards as well as their credit cards for payment. While Chick-Fil-A and Chipolte already do mobile ordering Taco Bell is taking in where those restaurants fail and fixing it. Whenever I see people waiting for their mobile orders at Chipolte or Chick-Fil-A I wonder why they even bothered. They end up waiting the same amount of time as people who ordered in the store. In order to prevent this, Taco Bell will equip their app with GPS. That way the select Taco Bell will be able to see when the customer is close and have their food prepared by time they get there. Taco Bell is also stressing that the GPS will allow the food to be hot and freshly made when the costumer gets there.

Taco Bell has been testing this app out in select Orange County cities for over two years so that it will be near perfect when they release it to the public. McDonald’s has started branching into mobile devices as well in the recent months but Taco Bell will be the first traditional fast food place to launch this. As the mobile head of Taco Bell put it, “Mobile is the biggest shift in QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) since the drive thru”.


I for one am thrilled by this news. Taco Bell is one of the few food chains open late at night, which means it’s usually packed. To be able to by pass all of that would be amazing. Taco Bell seems to be the Apple of the fast food world. They were the first to branch into the late night munchie crowd by staying open late and now they’re the first to launch mobile working. I can’t wait to let me inner fat kid out later this year and test out this app (regretting it in the morning of course).


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3 thoughts on “The Future of Fast Food

  1. I think this is crazy! Taco Bell is already such a huge part of our culture… I guess it makes sense that we’d want an app for it, but this has taken drunken cravings to a whole different level.


  2. I agree with the comment above, this is crazy! As if fast food wasn’t quick enough for the demand surrounding it, now people “need” the luxury of ordering from their phone so they can leave with their order once they get there rather than waiting the five minutes it probably would have taken to begin with.


  3. This is definitely hitting its target demographic! College kids who dont have time, can just order on there phone and bam! The only bad thing is that too bad healthy food places are not following these foot steps, hopefully soon! Great article shows how technology just keeps growing in every aspect of our life.


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