Should these videos be kept out of the social media world?

Technology is bitter sweet. It has two sides to the coin, one marvelous and the other dangerous.  I love that technology brings many people together. We can become friends with someone across the world, or in the state over from our hometown. What also is great about it though is that we stay connected with what is going on every day in the world. Back when cameras were non-existent memories were held in objects and intangible memories. Now in today’s blossoming world of technology we are able to create a multitude of memories that can be watched, listened to, and seen forever. Take a look at this precious video of Nick Maggnoti who has stage 4 appendix cancer at the young age of 27. His wife was recording the whole thing. What stuck with me most is that he points out most people die every day not knowing they were going to die. Therefore he feels lucky that he was able to plan for it, and make sure his daughter had a wonderful video to remember him by. Justin wrote her a birthday card for every year. This is a beautiful way to give his daughter something really special.

In this video a father dying from cancer as he writes 826 napkin notes containing inspirational messages for his daughter every day until she graduates high school. Sometimes he writes quotes by Ben Franklin, Gandhi and his own personal messages. He wants her to be inspired and never give up. This father’s hope was that when he passes she will have something special to remember him by. Personally I think it’s a nice idea, but both insinces can be kept private in order to hold onto those treasures. It also loses how special it is because everyone and their mom have viewed it. On the other hand it gives people ideas about how to keep the memories alive of loved ones who have passed and better ideas stem from those.  I want to know what you think about displaying these special moments on YouTube, or any other social media site.


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One thought on “Should these videos be kept out of the social media world?

  1. I guess it’s just up to the person. I get that they’re heartfelt and sad, and I bet a lot of people like to watch them and cry, but personally I think it’s pretty weird. I think putting videos like that up for the world to see somehow cheapens it. But if they dig it, whatever.


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