Not Your Average Coding

In honor of our HTML coding class this week, I decided to do some research on some of HTML’s innovative uses in the last few years, and perhaps unsurprisingly, HTML is the cornerstone for an unbelievable amount of new media and advancements in technology. While HTML has traditionally and primarily been the basis for new Internet browsers and web applications, HTML coding has actually been used for an assortment of other, more creative new media projects.

London based Barbicon has teamed up with HTML artists to create what they are calling “DevArt.” According to Barbicon, “DevArt is a new type of art. It is made with code, by developers that push the possibilities of creativity and technology.” It is an innovative take on computer science and art, using HTML coding to create a fascinating installation that will be exhibited this summer.

DevArt likens the use of science in their art exhibition to Michelangelo’s dissection of the human body in order to paint people as accurately as he could. This stark contrast comparing the work of Michelangelo to the work of the possibly the next great artist illustrates just how unbelievably technology and new media has changed our society, our culture, and our thinking. This installation uses computer science and new media to create works of art that would otherwise cease to exist.

Barbicon and DevArt are seeking computer developers, not necessarily traditional artists, to help assist their installation this summer, giving a perhaps less conventional group of people the opportunity to participate in their project.

What’s interesting about Barbicon and DevArt to me, is that the basic HTML coding we learned in class, which is customarily used for browsers and applications can be used for so much more. HTML coding has the ability for wildly creative and innovative media projects, as we have come to know, yet even more so than what we have seen so far. To me, it is mind boggling to think that the strands of symbols, letters, and numbers that we learned in class on Wednesday hold the potential to create media that is unprecedented and untested. HTML has contributed to so many advancements in our technology and there is no telling the lengths to which it will reach. HTML might not only be the future of technology, it might be the future of out culture as well.

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