(H)ow(T)o(M)ake(L)eaps In Your Career


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This week I learned a little bit about something I use every day, but never really thought about. HTML is a language used as a building block for that little thing we peruse each day called “the internet”. How important is HTML? Well, tt’s a secret language running in the background of whatever web page we’re looking at. It’s text that creates the colors, images, layout, and words that we view.

How important is HTML? Well, for starters, HTML is on it’s 5th iteration of the language. I’m sure anyone reading this has clicked on a YouTube video and then clicked the share button. Now there’s just a link, but it used to be an entire code you had to copy and paste in order to “embed” that video into your web page or forum post. You’re probably thinking, “Yeah, yeah, who cares? It just works!”

Well, you’re partially correct. It does “just work” – to an extent. HTML5 is important because according to Sencha CEO Michael Mullany, it [is] fair to declare HMTL5 as the “No. 2 or No. 3 development platform, behind Android and iOS.” In five years, he predicted “we’ll see a world where mobile native apps are used in a niche for games” (Levine, 2014).

Basically, the coding for HTML5 is closing the gap for various platforms. It used to be that a developer would have to create code for something such as Windows, then learn a new code for Apple’s products so that people could view the same content. One thing we’re all aware of it viewing videos and the use of Adobe Flash. That will be going away thanks to HTML5. A recent report from digital ad platform Flite noted that HTML5 “offers an alternative to [Adobe’s proprietary] Flash and is likely to become the dominant platform for interactive ads in the coming years” (Levine, 2014).

That’s right iOS users! You no longer have to jailbreak your iPhone to put flash software on in order to view content that Android users were getting. As for Android users, you no longer need worry about Flash’s software because Adobe no longer supports mobile devices that can utilize Flash. HTML5 has all of that in one and it’s able to be read by each OS (operating system) without the need for add-ons. The drawback is that HTML5 can be seen as an alternative to Flash, not a replacement (Campbell, 2014). An example of this is various interactive ads or even games. Despite this, many videos and things these days are posed to YouTube, which embraces HTML5, so more content will reach a wider audience.

Seeing that HTML5 is on its way to having a huge impact for the way we all consume things virtually, does this entice people to care more about it? Is this something you all would like to learn now? As Douglas Rushkoff is stressing, you should program or be programmed. Even a basic understanding of HTML, or HTML5, will give you a leg up when producing content online as journalist, advertiser, or public relations communicator. Heck, it might even push you over the edge for that job because you know some coding.





Levine, B. (2014, February 12). Report: Html5 is the future for enterprise developers. CMS Wire, Retrieved from http://www.cmswire.com/cms/customer-experience/report-html5-is-the-future-for-enterprise-developers-024137.php

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4 thoughts on “(H)ow(T)o(M)ake(L)eaps In Your Career

  1. HTML is crazy. I always sort of knew what it was and what it looked like, but as I’ve started to use code more and more for a few of my other classes, I’ve come to realize just how complex and hugely important is it and has been for our current Internet model. The future of HTML and what HTML might do for technology is astounding to me, and makes me want to be more familiar with it, in order to keep up!


  2. I had an assignment last semester dealing with HTML and it is insane how much goes in behind the scenes to make the internet run. As much as I want/should keep up with it, I truly think it is beyond me to fully understand it and I give props to people who work with HTML.


  3. Last class we started to learn a little bit of HTML and it seems to be much more complicated than I thought. It is so complex and so many things go behind running it. I never truly thought about those who do HTML and I am very appreciative of them for their hard work and dedication.


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