Flappy Bird Flies of App Store

If you haven’t been swept into the addicting world of Flappy Bird, it looks like you won’t get the chance. The addictive and top grossing iPhone game was removed from the App Store this past week. If you already have the simple game on your smartphone, you can still enjoy but if not, you’re out of luck.

For those of you who may not know, Flappy Bird is a simple and short game that requires you to double tap a small bird through simple obstacles. Due to its difficulty, the game is highly addictive and is major time waster. I myself have Flappy Bird and can attest to it’s addictive qualities.

Apparently the creator, Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen called it quits on Flappy Bird. He tweeted Saturday that he couldn’t handle it anymore. Vague and out of the blue, the tweet garnered attention and shortly after, the game was yanked from the app store.


At one point, the app was getting about $50,000 a day in advertisements. Originally created, in only 2-3 days by Nguyen, back in May, the game didn’t gain its real popularity until December and by January it had taken the coveted spot as the top free game on the App Store that was held by the incredibly popular Candy Crush Saga.

So what’s going to happen to Flappy Bird’s future? Like I mentioned above, those who still have it on their phones can enjoy the endless and impossible game that is Flappy Bird, but no one can download it anymore. Ebay is now full of iPhones with Flappy Bird downloaded on them for sale. Some hundreds of dollars, and others north of $2000!

Nguyen stated there wasn’t a financial reason behind his decision he just couldn’t handle it anymore. Perhaps he was getting too addicted to the game, or the immense pressure overwhelmed him and following the game had received. Either way, I will be continuing to play until I too can no longer handle it.


3 thoughts on “Flappy Bird Flies of App Store

  1. It’s crazy how popular apps can get. I had no idea this existed until I saw Superbowl memes based off the game. I downloaded probably a week before it was taken off the Google Play Store (since I have a droid) and it was probably the hardest game I have ever downloaded. I don’t understand how it was so popular. My highest score was 5…


  2. Maybe I’m part of the one percent, but if a game is too hard, I have no interest in playing it. That being said, once I finally figured out what in god’s name a “flappy bird” was, but once I did, I was more entertained with the culture of information about it rather than the game itself. For such a short lived thing, it managed to spawn meme after meme, allowing even old fuddy duddy’s like me to learn about it. There’s a whole part of our culture that is now dedicated to Flappy Bird, forever and always, and that is endlessly fascinating.


  3. I think it was interesting choice to take down the app, but understandably so. The game was such a hit, but perhaps for the wrong reasons (i.e. being deceptively difficult). If i were a game maker, I suppose I would not want to be known for this one particular game, and he is the creator of other games as well. It is also interesting to see the timeline of how things go viral considering this app came out in May.


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