Coca Cola Isn’t Puckin’ Around!

#Sochi2014. That’s right. The Olympics are here! Loyola is a multicultural school and so many of us may be united in education, but we’re all rivals for the sports. Team USA is back in the hockey world and ready to avenge their loss to Team Canada from 2010 due to Crosby’s goal. Yes, I’m still bitter about that and I’m a Penguins fan (the Pittsburgh Penguins team captain is Sidney Crosby for those who don’t know).

It’s ok, the rivalry is renewed this year and the US team started out strong with a preliminary butt whoopin’ of Slovakia with a 7-1 win. Despite this, USA has a bit of a rivalry with Team Russia. I never saw the “Miracle on Ice” live, but I can semi re-live it through the movie Miracle. Basically, Russia had a professional team they’d been fielding and winning the gold since 1964. In 1980, the Americans put together a team of college players who ended up beating Russia in Lake Placid. This Saturday (Feb. 15, 2014), Russia and the USA play each other at 6:30am CST.

Capitalizing on this game and rivalry is Coca Cola. Coke, known for making some feel good ads, put together a fun little commercial that has a Russian cosmonaut and an American astronaut in the International Space Station. They’re both watching USA and Russia play each other in hockey and are drinking Coke. USA scores, the Russian gets angry and sprays his coke in zero gravity. The coke is flying around and the two have to drink up all the coke before it causes damage to the station.

The commercial may have drawn inspiration from the real-life journey of an Olympic torch to the International Space Station (ISS) last November (Pearlman, 2014). It was created by ad agency Wieden + Kennedy (Beltrone, 2014). While Coca Cola has drawn some criticism from their “America is Beautiful” ad, this ad seems to have not had the negative reception their Super Bowl ad did. This hockey one plays off of the Russia and American rivalry which has been fueled further recently by Putin and Obama’s little rivalry.

The meaning behind Coke’s hockey ad campaign is “open happiness” and shows that despite the two rivalries, they can work together and be in peace with Coke being the one to tie them together. Is it cheesy? Maybe, but it’s an effective ad with some humor and an image that coke is so amazing that it brings even the most heated of tensions down. They also seem to be showing that they are an international brand that everyone can enjoy. Whatever Coca-Cola is exactly going for, they are playing on the emotional aspect by capitalizing on the fun and rivalry of the Olympics. To this I say rock on Coca-Cola! Oh, and go #TeamUSA!




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3 thoughts on “Coca Cola Isn’t Puckin’ Around!

  1. I love this – and the progressiveness of coke advertisements. I think they do a great ob of bringing about controversial or tough subjects, telling a story beautiful, making people happy and getting the message across that what you really need is an ice cold coca-cola. Great job, Coke.


  2. I love the ads that coca-cola has been putting out lately. Each ad they put out is not only advertising how Coke is an international brand and delicious, but also focus on unifying the world. These ads are braver than most other soft drink ads, which is a reason why they stick in our minds and resonate with so many people. Also, who isn’t a sucker for the Olympics.


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