OkCupid is a free online dating service, and Pizza Hut is a delivery pizza service. What do these two services have in common? Nothing. But that doesn’t stop Pizza Hut from utilizing OKCupid’s dating services as an advertising platform.

According to an article in Advertising Age, “[Pizza Hut] The largest pizza chain in the U.S. claims that it gets “marry me” proposals on Twitter from fans daily, including more than 10,000 social-media proposals from fans in 22 countries and every state except South Dakota over just the last year”.
Due to this epidemic, Pizza Hut created a personalized OKCupid profile. This profile includes criteria the brand is looking for in their consumers. Pizza Hut is asking for everyone between the ages of 18-100.
Additionally, Pizza Hut included a humanized description of the brand. The description Pizza Hut gives itself on their OKCupid profile includes:

Last Online
Online now!

Tall enough

Body Type
Light and airy

Pizza, Pasta, Wings

PhD in Delicious


Globally Fluent


You may be wondering where the digital marketing comes into effect with this marketing strategy.  Well, Pizza Hut is literally looking for someone to give a lifetime commitment to (or, in other words, a lifetime of free pizza).  According to Pizza Hut, “Narrowing it down to ‘the one’ will be tough but it means finding someone who brings outrageous enthusiasm to everyday moments.  Today, after 56 years of being unattached, Pizza Hut is prepared to commit.”

Pizza Hut enthusiasts are being asked to Tweet a video to Instagram or Vine offering their most creative marriage proposal idea with the hashtag #CommitToGreatness.  The deadline for Pizza Hut enthusiasts to tweet their video is February 21, 2014.

Pizza Hut has brought much enthusiasm to their brand through this campaign, and according to the co-founder of OKCupid, Sam Yagan, this has been a marketing strategy for several brands.  However, Pizza Hut has generated the most buzz and excitement towards the campaign than brands in the past.  Sam Yagan also stated, “I’ve had conversations in the last couple years with brands, but it’s always been a challenge of what do you do, and what makes the most sense for both OKCupid and the brand.”

Out of all the digital marketing campaigns I have studied and followed, this is probably by far one of the most interesting and creative strategies. However, even though the campaign is creative and generating buzz for Pizza Hut it is hard to distinguish whether the brand recognition will generate brand sales from this campaign.  Either way, this campaign is a win-win for Pizza Hut as they are continuously giving their brand an image and personality.


Morrison, M. (2014, February 10). Are brands getting their own OKCupid profiles? Pizza Hut looks for ‘the one’. Retrieved from http://adage.com/article/adages/okcupid-brand-pages-pizza-hut/291608/

2 thoughts on “OKWhat?

  1. People do love Pizza. It’s practically universal. Seems like an interesting approach to pairing people up, but this did catch my attention so I’m sure its bound to do the same for others


  2. I absolutely adore this! What a comedic, unique, and clever way to advertise. I like that Pizza Hut is literally using all forms of social media- vine, instagram, Facebook, and even OKCupid for this campaign.


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