Is Google that Big?

How BIG is Google?

I’m pretty sure everyone knows what Google is and what Google does. As you know, Google plays a really large role in our daily lives. From checking our emails(Gmail) , to searching things (Google Search) that you need.

I discovered a new Youtube video that talks about Google, and their upcoming projects. Google isn’t just a company that runs the internet-related services. But they are way larger and wide than you thought.  In the video, they talked about all the technologies Google has invented. And also how much money does Google has.We could probably know the surfaces of Google. However, Google has come up with many cool gadgets. Some of their inventions really do open my eyes to a whole new level.

Just as you know, Youtube is owned by Google since November 2006. Google bought over Youtube for 1.65 billion dollars. You have no idea how mind blowing youtube is. Over 1 Billion unique users visit youtube each month.  You may think Youtube is purely a search engine on the internet. But anyhow, Youtube itself, it’s bigger than Bing and Yahoo. It’s one of the largest engine over the planet. Over a decades worth of video were uploaded on Youtube per day.

Boston Dynamic is currently owned by Google. They bought over this robotics design company on 10th December 2013.. Google has now own one of the most advance robotic technology in the world. No one knows why they bought this company. But, I’m pretty sure they are bringing something mind blowing to the world through this project.

Next, we have Nest thermostat. Google bought over Nest on 13th January 2014 at a cost of 3.2 Billion dollars. Nest Lab had previously created some really advance thermostat in the market. As now Google has acquired Nest Lab, you can assume your future home can be control by Android.

One of the most recent announcement by Google. On 16th January 2014, Google announced their Google specialized contact lenses. These contact lenses will provide a glucose monitoring system for diabetics using a non intrusive method.

We know that Google doesn’t stop there. They are buying stuff everyday. Bringing in more new technologies in the future. No one knows how big Google is,  however, i am pretty sure there are more to come.

By Peter



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8 thoughts on “Is Google that Big?

  1. The purchases of Boston Dynamic and Nest as well as several other smaller robotics companies make me interested to see where Google is going. Obviously their digital presence is known by everyone. I can only imagine they’re trying to push more physical things onto the market. They’ll be an interesting company to watch over the next few years.


  2. You know, I like Google, but I have to say that they are TOO big. They have too much information on all Americans and even the world. I was a big advocate for Android when the original Droid first came out and I had lots of fights with my iFriends, but now I’m starting to look at them more critically. They are growing very big and very fast. It’s a little scary frankly.


  3. These huge conglomerates are pretty crazy to me, but similar models of huge businesses are in other sectors as well. So it was not all that surprising (although I didn’t know Googles owned ALL of these) to me to discover just hoe big Google is. While these huge companies, Google especially, don’t seem fair to smaller businesses, I do think they gig way for further technological developments that might be useful to society.


  4. I agree, this is all pretty crazy but interesting to see what one company can do! I thought the contact lenses were an interesting piece of technology added to Google.


  5. Wow interesting read….I am excited to see where Google is going with this whole robotics thing. But I do agree with some of the other comments in that Google is scary BIG.


  6. Like others, I find the diversity of the things google owns interesting, but also a little scary. It seems they will soon have technology to become more invasive than they already are.


  7. It’s really interesting to see all the things that Google has accomplished and I’m curious if any other company will ever come close to rivaling the super company.


  8. Super interesting video. It was fascinating to see how Google started out (Back Rub? Really?) and has become huge. It will be interesting to see what comes out of the newest acquisitions.


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