“You’ll Make a Pretty Corpse”

Kia Automotive has released a new advertising campaign that explains how “death sells”. The company has released a series of print advertisements drawing similarities of make-up to different weapons…for example transforming lipstick into a bullet and mascara into dynamite. The message behind this; “applying makeup while driving can be deadly”.

This series has sparked a new discussion behind further dangers while driving, besides texting and drinking alcohol. The article explains that “500,000 road crashes are caused by women putting on their faces”, which at first was a bit shocking…but then again not really. Many women rely on makeup just as much as teenagers rely on texting, so it is not difficult to create a comparison between the two. One could easily point out how distracting putting makeup on while driving is…I mean, have you ever tried putting on eyeliner with one hand? Pretty much impossible.

I really like these advertisements and the scare tactics the company used to convey the message. Many people are going to think that they are a bit controversial and a bit of an overstretch of the imagination, but with 500,000 apparent accidents, that is not really a number to shrug off in the grand scheme of things.

I think that scare and shock tactics are the most effective forms of advertisements. When I think of the ads that stand out in my memory, I think of the anti-smoking advertisements starring real people who have developed holes in their throats from the habit. Their voices sound so alien to me, and really shock me. I think that people respond to that because our society seems to respond stronger to things that put us out of our comfort zone. We form stronger opinions about things we don’t like, and we remember those things. I think that this isn’t going to make women think that they are wielding weapons but it is going to make them think twice about putting on their mascara while driving on the highway because they are going to remember that the action they are doing has much greater consequences if it ends poorly.

The article I read regarding this campaign ran a while back, so I hope that Kia is still running these advertisements. I think that others will respond to them the same way that I do. But at the same I am not sure what this is going to necessarily do for Kia as a company; is it going to make them want to go out and buy one of their cars? Probably not, but at least the campaign gives off the idea that Kia cares about the people on the road. 




Dicker, R. (2013, September 10). KIA Canada Ad Warns ‘Applying Makeup While Driving Can Be Deadly’ (PHOTOS). The Huffington Post. Retrieved February 11, 2014, from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/1makeup-ad_n_3895613.html

4 thoughts on ““You’ll Make a Pretty Corpse”

  1. I agree that scare tactics and these advertisements are a great way for Kia to get their message across. Not only is it bringing awareness to the dangerous acts people do when driving, but it is alining their brand with the meaning of safety which is something every car company wants to be associated with. However, not seeing any more then the example you have shown here, I would not have known this was about putting on makeup and driving. While I think the concept is excellent, the exception (only going on the example here) may need a bit more work.


  2. I think that scare tactics are tricky. I think they can be really effective or really turn people off. I am not totally sure how I feel about this one. I think it is creative but I’m not sure how effective it will be. I personally don’t associate makeup application with driving but I’m sure some women do make that association!


  3. I think this is a really creative campaign, and effective in that it will make people stop and look at it rather than just ignore it altogether. Its a good move for Kia to show that they care about the safety of the people driving their cars, and of those on the road with them. While, it may technically be a scare tactic, the issue warrants such an ad and in this case it doesn’t take the method too far.


  4. I really appreciate that Kia is doing this campaign because not a lot of attention has been given to this particular issue. I am also weary of the possibility that the ad might not be too effective because so many women downplay the issue. I mean if some people have no problem texting and driving it might take a little more convincing to stop putting makeup on. Overall I really like the idea and tag line. Definitely memorable.


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