Pizza Hut is Finally Ready to Settle Down and Commit

OkCupid is a free friendship, dating, and social networking website that features member-created quizzes and multiple-choice questions. It supports multiple modes of communication, including instant messages and emails. It has never been a thing for brands to get their own OkCupid profiles, however, Pizza Hut looks for “The One.” This is an advertising attempt of moving part of a contest that will reward best proposal with lifetime of pizza. Who wouldn’t want that?

If you are feeling lonely this Valentine’s Day, pizza hut is now joining OkCupid and looking to find “the one.” Pizza hot, the largest pizza chain in the U.S says that it gets proposals asking the company to “marry me” on twitter from fans every day. In detail, the company has received 10,000 social-media proposals from fans in 22 different countries and every state other than South Dakota over the course of over one year.

Most companies would view these marry me proposals as just fan-mail, however, Pizza Hut took these proposals and turned it into a marketing technique for their company. They went ahead and created an OkCupid profile where there “I’m looking for” section lists “everybody” and the age requirement is “18-100.” It also includes details about itself, listing its height as tall enough, body type as light and airy, diet as pizza, pasta, and wings, and education as Ph.D. in Delicious just to name a few. Overall, the OkCupid page is a very cute way of getting consumers really involved with the product in a new and innovative way.


The rest of the OkCupid page explains in detail how fans can participate in winning a lifetime commitment from pizza hut, well at least a lifetime of free pizza. According to the page: “Narrowing it down to ‘the one’ will be tough but it means finding someone who brings outrageous enthusiasm to everyday moments.” After 56 years of being unattached, Pizza hut is feeling pretty lonely apparently and is ready to truly commit. Overall, the contest is a very humorous and that is something that consumers today really take a liking to, so I personally think this marketing technique was very smart.

The contest states that those who are interested in entering must tweet Pizza Hut on Instagram video or Vine and tag “CommitToGreatness, which connects to pizza huts current campaign about “greatness.” They must enter by February 21st and within their submission, should include their most creative marriage proposal ideas.

These are both examples of Pizza Hut’s #GoForGreatness campaign that connect with its new advertising campaign “CommitToGreatness.” According to OKcupid, Pizza Hut is its biggest brand integration yet. So not only is the website benefiting pizza hut but it is also giving publicity to OKCupid.

Based on personal opinion, I would say that this marketing strategy is successful in that it is something new and different. It is something creative and even if they only choose to do it this year and never again, I still think it was worth it.


Maureen Morrison (2014, February 10). Are Brands Getting Their Own OKCupid Profiles Pizza Hut Looks For ‘The One.’

5 thoughts on “Pizza Hut is Finally Ready to Settle Down and Commit

  1. This new marketing strategy is definitely something different. It is using a completely different form of social media to interact with their consumers, a dating website! It is giving the consumers an incentive to participate and using a new and creative way to do that! I will not call it successful until the plan is completed, but I think this idea is well on its way to becoming a new trend for brands.


  2. This is such a clever and unique marketing strategy! It’s also interesting that of all dating/friend searching sites, they chose OKCupid. There’s a lot of potential with this use of social media since it is so new and unique from brands using the typical Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sites to promote and market their brands, I’m interested to see where it goes from here and if it influences any other brands to make the move to dating sites for marketing techniques/strategies.


  3. I love this! New and innovative techniques for marketing are always extremely impressive to me as well as consumers in general. Utilizing all social media forums is important and this move sets them apart from competitors. Side note: South Dakota is the only one? Lol weird.


  4. As others have said before me, this was a great move on their part. As competition gets more heated the only way to stand out is to do something bold and different. As much as Pizza Hut has a lot to teach other brands about creativity, I think it can also relate back to our own personal brand. Coming out of college, there has to be something that makes us unique that people will be attracted to. So Pizza Hut is definitely setting the bar higher and thinking outside the box.


  5. This is a great idea for Pizza Hut! I never would have even thought of doing something this creative and Pizza Hut is taking a big step in the right direction. It’s perfect that Pizza Hut is taking over another genre of social media and its so bold, it will definitely be something people will talk about for a while!


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