Embracing Diversity

Australian model Georgina Burke has become plus-size retailer Torrid’s new cover girl and face of their new campaign. This campaign marks history as being the “first major plus-sized ad campaign the world has seen in a long time” and is furthering the discussion regarding “real” women and allowing them to be showcased in such visible fields, especially in the modeling world.  Although Burke is a plus-sized model and is modeling for a plus-size retailer, it is generating more buzz around the adoption of average-size women in the modeling world and asking the question of “why can’t they model to the same extent that size double zero’s do”. It is topic that is becoming increasingly popular with the production of other advertisements from American Eagle Aerie and Dove, and for good reason.   

I do agree that normal-size women should be seen in a more positive light, but at the same time I think that the debate is a bit pointless now. On one side we have people who insist that overweight women should not be praised but rather encouraged to establish healthier lifestyles, but then on the other side there are those who think that people should simply mind their own business. My only opinion is that if someone wants to lose weight then they will, but if they are truly satisfied with their appearances then there should not be any added pressure for them to mold into a certain form. But with that, I’m not sure if plus-size models should be given significantly more attention than traditional models just because they are going against what society has established…some double zero models face the same kind of scrutiny that plus-size models do. I don’t think that it is fair for people to campaign for plus-size models when there is plenty of campaigning to do for thin models who are still fighting their own fight with the modeling industry. The whole discussion is a huge complex mess because there are too many sides for people to campaign for, and there are so many values that need to be changed in order for the modeling industry to appear respectful and fair. In the meantime I hope that we can all learn to just take the models as they come and respect them for who they are as people, because at the end of the day that is who they are….people, and not mannequins. 

Feldman, J. (2014, February 10). Plus-Size Model Georgina Burke Named The First Face of Torrid. The Huffington Post. Retrieved February 11, 2014, from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/02/1size-model-georgina-burke-torrid_n_4761550.html?ref=topbar


3 thoughts on “Embracing Diversity

  1. I like how companies are finally catching on to this whole “real people” as their models. I just hope that this isn’t gaining popularity just because it makes a company seem more consumer friendly. Lets hope it isn’t just a trend but a permanent change in the clothing industry.


  2. I’m so happy brands are beginning to use more “plus-sized” and “real” models in their magazines, ads and such. It is skeptical that they may just be doing so as it has begun to become almost a trend in the industry, making the audience happier and talking more about the company/brand more often than ever before. But I do think it’s great that they’re beginning to see the real beauty and successful use of having “plus-sized” models and less of those rail-thin, almost unhuman-like models in their magazines and ads.


  3. I think the cover is beautiful and I think it’s fantastic that different body types are becoming more and more accepted but this debate has been so over done. The buzz over this issue needs to be over. Okay, a model is on the cover who ways 20 more pounds than the girl last week – LET IT GO PEOPLE.


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