My Funny Valentine (Ad)


One of the most heart-warming, and in some cases frustrating, holidays is upon us. The age-old question of what to get your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day is one that needs some last minute answering for all of those with someone special in mind. I have found that advertisements are not much help when it comes to gift-giving, but they are more likely to inform you on what NOT to do. For example, an SNL short details the rush to buy “some dumb little thing from CVS” (2014) for your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day when you hadn’t realized that the hallmark holiday was right around the corner. In the video, the women are visibly disappointed when they receive gifts like a teddy bear dressed like a bumble bee or a box of chocolates with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on them.

Another similarly themed campaign by FTD, an online florist, depicts multiple couples sitting down on a bright red couch to discuss how their Valentine’s Days last year did not go smoothly at all. FTD puts it simply at the end of each ad, stating that FTD “says it best.” Gianatasio at AdWeek notes an interesting aspect of the 4 commercials that FTD has released for the campaign; all of the couples are heterosexual and white (2014). I too noticed that even though the actors were different, each ad had couples that virtually were the same. All were brunette, dressed nicely, but casually, and all expressed the same types of sentiments. As it is 2014, it would have been nice to see some variety in ethnicity, sexuality, or even hair color.

For all of the classic romantics out there, do not fret. There is still an overabundance of jewelry commercials brought to you by Kay, Zales, and Jared, complete with beaming boyfriends and stunning, soon-to-be fiancées. For me, I think that it is refreshing to see some of the hilarious and more-than-likely true sentiments of the stress and upsets that come with purchasing the perfect gift for your Valentine. Don’t get me wrong, I will be putting on my Valentine’s best, going on a better-than-normal date, and exchanging gifts this February 14. I just enjoy the honesty of this year’s Valentine’s Day advertisements.

Guys, if you are still wondering what the hell we want for Valentine’s Day, don’t over-do it. No matter how many times that a girl says she does not want flowers, she wants the flowers. She always wants flowers. And when it comes to a card, don’t get that one with the dog on it that mentions “puppy love” on the inside. You are much better off buying a blank love-themed greeting card and writing a personal note on the inside. Good luck to all of you hopeless romantics out there!


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2 thoughts on “My Funny Valentine (Ad)

  1. I definitely agree with you about having a distinction of races, sexuality, etc. with the couples that are used in not only valentines commercials and ads but just everyday commercial couples. In almost every advertisement I see, it’s always a tall, dark, and handsome man with a thin brunette or blonde woman. It would be nice to see something different for a change.


  2. I agree, it would be nice to see a couple with some racial diversity! I do enjoy funny Valentines day commercials though, they add humor to an extremely commercialized holiday.


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