Despite Hard Times in Sochi, the Olympics Brings Us Together through Advertisements

The Olympics are a huge platform for publicity and advertising, yet many companies have been taking special precautions to ensure safety to their brand representatives in Sochi for the next two weeks. Due to the Olympics taking place in Russia, many sponsors for teams had to devise special plans in order to have a presence at the games. The brand The North Face has been rumored to go so far as to cancel its program with its sponsorship of the U.S. skiing team because of the many issues it will face about getting in and out of Russia. The country has apparently been restricting and canceling allowance of many private aircrafts, which leads to brands not being able to fly their CEOs and businessmen into Sochi for the games. Many companies have also devised plans for any problem that could arise in Sochi, such as a terrorist attack. The chief of GlideScope spoke that an attack on Sochi would most likely equate a problem with “mass panic more than mass casualties.” Security, general corruption, and the blatant bias about sexual orientation are only a few of the issues that Russia brings to the Olympic games.


As soon as international journalists arrived in Sochi, reports came flooding in about the unsafe conditions all over the city. Hotels and accommodations have been deemed unfinished and unsafe for guests and streets outside are reportedly filled with gaping manholes. These games are going to cost a total of 50 billion dollars, which is apparently more than all of the other games combined. Due to the large amount of press, good and bad, which these games have been receiving, it is certain that large numbers of people will be drawn in to watch the ceremonies. Advertisements must be more prominent than ever, as it will be in companies best interests to appeal to as large of a group of viewers as possible. People of all races, ages, and social statuses will be tuning into the ceremonies, and so it is wise for advertisers to target as many groups as possible. One example is an ad by Proctor & Gamble that is a tribute to mothers everywhere. It’s a touching story depicting mothers raising their children and eventually watching them compete in the Olympics. Specifically about mothers, this ad already targets a large group of viewers, yet the touching images it portrays will be found moving by nearly everyone who watches. During such a time where we are worried for our international athletes and journalists in the city of Sochi, it is refreshing to view such an inspirational commercial honoring those who have worked so hard to get there.

Proctor & Gamble Video


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4 thoughts on “Despite Hard Times in Sochi, the Olympics Brings Us Together through Advertisements

  1. One of the most memorable commercials I’ve seen recently has been the Proctor & Gamble advertisement about mothers and their children who go on to compete in the Olympics. I remember watching it with my Dad and him telling me how amazing of a moment it would be to go through the process with your child and to be there cheering them on at the Olympics. I just thought that this commercial did a wonderful job of actually reaching an achievement in capturing its target audience’s attention.


  2. I would have to agree that I’m a huge fan of the Proctor & Gamble commercials. It’s so nice to see a brighter side of the Olympics, especially this winter, when there is so much political and social controversy taking place. I think the commercials are making some people step back and remember what it’s all about.


  3. P&G has done a great job with their advertisements! I actually enjoy their commercials because they tell a story.


  4. I recently watched the P&G commercial and had tears in my eyes.I think they did a great job of demonstrating what successful advertising is when trying to reach such a large audience.


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