The Smart Phone Sleepies


Feeling exhausted after a long day of classes and navigating around a huge city like Chicago is exhausting. But what about checking your email? Could that be a new reason behind the overwhelming feelings we get at the end of the day? A new study is suggesting that for a more productive tomorrow, we have to start by turning off our smart phones tonight.
Reading and sending emails late at night makes it harder to sleep and also harder to wake up. However, we are usually on our smart phones on our own free time doing extra work and research and trying to keep up with the grind.
The study was done on nighttime technology habits, sleep duration and quality, and energy in the workplace.
“Prior studies have shown that staying focused and resisting distractions takes a lot of effort, so when smartphone use interferes with sleep, it takes a toll the next day.” (WSJ) As human beings we also have to have some time to give our brains and nerves a rest. I know that personally, my dad is a workaholic and his blackberry is always buzzing because people are expected to be available 24/7. If you aren’t doing the work, someone else is, maybe even in another country. The point being said is that you have to be able to put your health as a priority for your own well being and also utilize your abilities to the highest potential.
The study that was done had results that showed that work related use of a smart phone at night equated with fewer hours of sleep. Those who felt more exhausted in the morning felt less engaged in the day and less sense of control. This study also showed that using any kind of technology before bed will result in less sleep and less engagement the next day. I have turned off my phone, laptop, and tablet an hour or two before bed and noticed completely how better of a sleep I get. There is no question of the correlation there, the hard part is just putting it into action because our technology is a distraction and temptation.

1.Korn, Melissa. Checking Email at Night Makes you Less Productive, Study Says. The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved February 7, 2014, from

3 thoughts on “The Smart Phone Sleepies

  1. I agree, I find myself doing homework or emails or even work in my bed late at night and then wonder why I cannot fall asleep! There have been so many studies showing the benefits of staying out of your bed until you are completely done with work for the day and then only using your bed for rest. I am thinking of trying it in the future!


  2. This is something that I have not really thought about, but I believe is completely true. When I get home and I sit down on my couch the first thing that I do is take out my phone and start sending messages and going through the emails that I have left at the end of the day. Just doing that probably heightens my stress level just thinking about all of the things that I have yet to do. I am defiantly thinking of turning off my phone at the end of the day and utilizing my alarm clock rather than my phone alarm!


  3. I, like many other people, take my phone and laptop to bed every night. I notice myself waking up every few hours or so to check my phone, a habit that has become second nature. I firmly believe that “powering down” (as my mother would refer to it) is an effective way to unwind, and I will be trying it in the future!


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