The New Narcissistic Phone


If you don’t take a picture of it, did it actually happen? If you didn’t Instagram your Starbucks this morning, did you actually drink it? It’s fun to poke fun at our self-absorbed society but I am not one to talk. Storytelling of our personal lives is directed and produced by us for the world to see. Mobile phone makers are now feeling the pressure to make better cameras so that our front facing cameras can be more accurate. Selfies on our smart phone can be super pixelated, dark, out of focus, or make things look distorted. It may seem like a silly priority for phone manufacturers to nail down, but it seems as though everyone is constantly taking selfies and trying to get the perfect picture.


Even the Pope is doing it! The main issue we have to fix is the size of our phones. We have the choice of a smaller phone with a lower quality camera or a larger phone with a higher quality camera. “Making better phone cameras means making bigger sensors and bigger optics, and that leads to thicker phones, which manufacturers prefer to avoid.” (Wood)  Manufacturers could create better camera phones, it would just be a pain and costly. We constantly await the newest Iphone which is getting thinner and thinner, so we have become accustomed to the mystique by having a paper thin phone. However, it seems like interest in a bigger phone has begun to rise after other companies, like the HTC one phone, have become popular. The front facing camera on most smart phones is around 2 megapixels, which is relatively low. This equates to the resolution of the photo and more megapixels equals a higher resolution. The sensor is our camera also determines photo quality because it allows for how much light can be captured in each shot.

Personally, I think the cameras on our smart phones are fine, I really don’t have any complaints and part of my job is being in front of a camera- I think the cameras on the Iphone are pretty accurate and high tech. I can see the need to come out with a better camera for advertising purposes, because there are groups of people who need to have the newest and most up to date phone and gadgets. When it comes down to it we have to decide what we use our phones the most for, talking, texting, social media, selfies, shopping, navigating, work, travel, etc. It will be different for everyone so we should have options to choose our phone based on what it can accommodate for us.


  1. 1.      Pope Francis selfie:


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One thought on “The New Narcissistic Phone

  1. I think it’s funny that almost everyone I know takes more pictures than they make calls every day. It is like we don’t have two-way conversations with our phones anymore, we just post statuses or pictures and see the comments as interactions.


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