Taking Advantage of Chi Through Groupon


Taking on the big city of Chicago has been a challenge for most of us. There is so much to see and it’s hard to know where to start or where to go next. Since moving here I have found my new partner in exploring Chicago: Groupon. This app has not only given my friends and I ideas about where to explore in Chi, but also saved us money.

Living in a big city makes it impossible not to spend money, even as a broke college kid. It is hard to choose between a new pair of shoes (because the salt ruined your old ones) and your need for a satisfying meal that isn’t from the dinning hall. Oddly enough, we can have both. Through Groupon, one can shop for deals at restaurants, reservations, services, hotels, all-inclusive vacations and even for goods at a steal. It basically does it all for an affordable price. It never gets old either because there are new deals everyday.

Groupon started off as a small company in Chicago promoting a two for one coupon for pizza at Motel Bar. Now it is in 1,000 cities and 48 Countries World Wide. As businesses want to get customers in the door they partner with Groupon to promote their business by making a Groupon available. A Groupon is a large coupon that is bought for about half the price of what it is worth. There may be a Groupon offered for an establishment for 15$ that after purchased is worth 30$ at that select store or restaurant if bought through Groupon.

With the Groupon app locating where you are, it can also tell you restaurants around the area that are offering Groupons. These Groupons are then bought online before going to the restaurant and the only catch is that you must use it all in one visit. This has been helpful in deciding where to eat and in trying new places.

There are also Groupons for services and attractions. I once paid 30$ for an hour massage that would usually go for 90$ just by purchasing it through Groupon. Otherwise there are plenty of museums and other places to explore offering half off admission through Groupon.

Its amazing how in the world we live there is a company that gives us a starting place to look for deals on almost anything to make everything in this expensive world affordable. 



Groupon. (2014 January 21). About Groupon. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rr2L307lJBg

10 thoughts on “Taking Advantage of Chi Through Groupon

  1. Yes! Groupon is such a great app for saving money and finding out new places. It’s also a great business idea that was really innovative. As a newcomer to Chicago, I am going to start using it more! Especially when the weather gets nice! 😀


  2. Groupon is awesome! I browse the app on my phone constantly and I’ve definitely been known to frequent the Cheesie’s Groupons in particular. I had no idea it started in Chicago or that it was so widespread now. I use a few other coupon apps as well, but Groupon is far and away the absolute best.


  3. I personally love groupon and buy the deals they offer all the time. It’s a great way for new businesses to get their name out their and adopt new customers, as well.


  4. Groupon is awesome and some of their deals cannot be beat. It is great for the consumers who are looking for a way to do enjoyable activities while also saving money. Groupon is even better for the businesses, especially new ones, because it gets their name out there and gets people into their business spending money.


  5. It’s a great advantage, but apparently they work their employees to the bone. I guess you make good money, but no one loves working for Groupon. Does that change your opinion of the app and the company?


  6. I heard Groupon is not meeting its expected marks as of late and that the company is actually falling on hard times. I think the app is incredible, but the sustainability of the company is being put into question. How far can a great idea really get you if it can’t keep you financially afloat?


  7. While it is true that Groupon does make it easier to afford products/events that we normally wouldn’t be able to, what is the company doing to promote itself? There’s also the issue of image for the company. What do you think the company can do so that its image won’t just be one of a company that basically sells expensive products at a cheaper costs for another market segment? I mean, I personally love Groupon for the very same reason that you do: because I can save money. But what if the company wants to also expand to individuals who have a little more cash in their pocket?


  8. I also didn’t know Groupon started in Chicago, or that it started with Motel Pizza. I will definitely have to get the app–and use it often. Thanks for sharing!


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