Sochi Winter Olympics on your Mobile



It has finally reached that time when the 2014 Winter Olympics begin. What is exciting is that we have the ability to watch it on the web and on our mobile devices.

NBC is allowing people to watch the events on the web at, as well as being available for those with either an Apple iOS or an Android phone. However, viewers must have a cable or satellite subscription with one of NBC’s partners. Obviously with a subscription, the viewers have to sign in to gain access to viewing these sporting events.

Those who are not subscribed with NBC will be able to watch up to 30 minutes for the first time they visit either the website or mobile app. Following that, unverified users will only have the access to watching 5 minutes of the events per day (Rodriguez). This is a great idea on NBC’s end. If people are not fully committed to subscribing, they miss out on the opportunity to be able to watch any event to the full extent at which it is aired. There is also a chance for people to watch videos of the events or highlights after they are aired.

Another interesting addition of the Winter Olympics with smartphones is Samsung’s Sochi Olympic Games App.  Senior vice president of New Business Development says, “Samsung is offering fans around the world the most direct access to Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games and allowing them to design and personalize their experience in ways that are most relevant to their interests and passion.” Samsung’s Public WOW app also provides people with the real-time access to event schedules, updated results, standings and records. This is extremely convenient and will be a hit across the world.

I continue to see how big mobile devices are becoming in our lives. With many people constantly on the go, it is a wonderful opportunity to see the event, without being on the couch watching it from your home television. This goes to show how big technology is really becoming and how the access to news updates or other features are. Phones are literally attached to our bodies at all times.

I know that today mobile phones can do anything besides make coffee. Technology is consuming many lives already, so how far is too far? I constantly ponder at the thought of what our future is going to be like and the technological advances.



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One thought on “Sochi Winter Olympics on your Mobile

  1. I think this really speaks to the fast paced and technology driven society that we live in today. It’s awesome that we don’t even need a TV to watch the Olympics. More people can enjoy the sport at their own convenience.


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