Newcastle Thinks Outside of the Box

For this weeks post, obviously I wanted to focus on the Super Bowl commercials. This is like a second Christmas for advertisers, one where people not only watch the actual commercials, but aim to. This years collection of ads was interesting to say the least. There were the classics like Doritos, or Budweiser and of course the typical car commercials, but overall I wasn’t extremely impressed. Nothing really seemed to stick out, everything seemed like it was trying to hard to be funny or heartwarming, trying to hard to be a “Super Bowl” commercial. My biggest complaint was that nothing seemed original. That is of course except for one commercial that ironically, didn’t even air. Instead it was passed around online as a bit of a viral video.

Newcastle’s “almost” Super Bowl commercial:

I absolutely LOVED this. Anna Kendrick, the actress involved in the ad is perfect, she’s funny, down to earth and people know her face. The ad itself though is what is so great though. By creating a commercial about how they couldn’t create a commercial, they instantly stick out from everyone else. It’s obviously extremely expensive to air an ad during the Super Bowl so Newcastle just thought a little bit outside of the box and in my opinion, out shined the actual Super Bowl commercials.

The tag line of the beer is “No Bollocks” so it makes sense that they tried to do this very straightforward, no frills commercial. Overall it was definitely one of the, if not the most, creative super bowl ad I saw the entire time. I think commercials and advertisers need to take note of this sort of thinking completely out of the box mentality when aiming for a huge spot like a Super Bowl ad. Instead of trying so hard, trying less is actually almost better. People will respond more to advertisements they find genuine and unique and there is really no better way to do this then employing this sort of mentality. I would be much more inclined to remember this beer as opposed to something like the Budweiser commercial that played on cute animals. I was a bit confused by the intended audience of that commercial, but with Newcastle’s ad they appeal to both men and women since the humor crosses over both. Their public appeal is wide, especially because they chose to release it before the actual Super Bowl and as an online video so it could go viral. Great job Newcastle!

4 thoughts on “Newcastle Thinks Outside of the Box

  1. Yeah I completely agree. I feel like most of the Super Bowl advertisements were really off. Like you said, I felt like they were trying way too hard. I liked the M&M commercial a lot, but that could just be because I am a huge fan of M&Ms. I couldn’t agree more with the Anna Kendrick comment. Ironically, the most unique Superbowl advertisement was’t even an actual advertisement. I think New Castle positioned this product perfectly and without paying millions of dollars for only 30 seconds of space.


  2. Genius! I completely agree with this commercial being my favorite by far. I also was very disappointed with the ads this year. The companies who do not spend too much money and are extremely innovative are the ones that stick out to me. It can be simple and people will be sold. Those who have millions of dollars put toward their ad put more pressure on themselves to create this “amazing” commercial and oftentimes turn out terrible.


  3. I thought it was so interesting that this ad was voted one of the best super bowl ads for this year, despite the fact that it wasn’t really even a super bowl ad. I agree with the other comments, the ad was very impressive considering that it looked like a relatively inexpensive commercial to produce.


  4. This was definitely my favorite Super Bowl commercial this year. I agree with the comment above about how simplicity is what works. I think way too many companies spend so much money trying to focus on how the ad looks visually instead of the actual content.


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