More Coupons and Groupon

So, naturally, being the brilliant minded person I am I forgot about my blog post until the last minute.  So the best thing that has come to mind for me to write about is exactly what we talked about in class today, couponing.  I was most interested in websites such as Groupon because it is my favorite thing to use to get quality sushi at a not so costly price.  I decided to do a little Google search and see what I could find when I stumbled across this article.

Here’s the link:

            The article first caught my attention because it was titled, “Here’s why you should give daily-deal sites Groupon and LivingSocial a second chance.”  Meanwhile I am sitting over here like, “why did the first chance not work for you?”  So, I started reading the article to find what issues people have with these sights.  The biggest one was the amount of emails that they receive form the sights.  And the other issue was that people were buying things that they didn’t ever use.  Well first off you can not blame the company for your choice in purchasing a “$45 pizza class” that you never went to.  Why did you even spend that much money in a class when there are great to go places in every town?  But the other issue I kind of understood.  I get tons of emails form companies advertising all the times.  Amazon Local sends me probably four a day and two before 4 AM which honestly can get a little obnoxious.  But realistically what’s a few extra emails if its keeping a lot of extra bucks in your pocket?

            So I kept reading just to see what is new from Groupon and the one thing that stuck out to me most was Groupon Reserve.  This lets consumers reserve a table through the app as well as receive up to 40% off their total bill which the server will know to take off.  Now I know for a fact that Groupon is not the only app that allows you to reserve tables.  But, it is the only one I know of that lets you reserve tables as well as receive a discount from your bill.  I think this new concept is a great advertisement for Groupon itself.  It is going to attract many more customers and I think it was also help to bring in another demographic of customers.  Which is great not only from Groupon, but for restaurants that use Groupon.

One thought on “More Coupons and Groupon

  1. I had not heard about this before and I think it’s really cool! I don’t normally use Groupon but it seems worth checking out.


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